Losted funds Chainlink


I want to express my opinion about something it happened to me. In December by my fault I transfer some ChainLink to Wirex account. Unfortunately I transfer those tokens in Polygon mainnet.
I contacted the support and they told me there is nothing you can do it. For curiosity I contacted the support of metamask to see if they could do it something.

They couldn’t do something but they told me this 2 things

If this token was sent via the wrong network, you have 2 options to recover it.First, you need to contact the support where you sent your tokens. Because they are the only one who can make it visible on your end and if they do have the option to send it back to your address they can definitely process it for you.
Second option, you might love to ask them if they can provide you with a private key to this address.
If they give you a private key on that address, you can import that to your metamask account and it will be added as another account.
Switch to that account and switch to the network where you send the asset.
With that, you’ll be able to access the token again and send it back to your original metamask wallet.

I contact again the support and there is nothing wirex can help me. I talk about wirex to some people unfortunately I will never do it again. They give me all the time the same answer and didn’t even try to get some solution, only talk to “Metamask”. To be honest I’m dissapointed.

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hi i suggest create a request sir Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone and describe what really happen so the team will fix your concern