Luxembourg IBAN

I noticed that my IBAN has changed from Lithuanian into an IBAN from Luxembourg.
Not sure when this happend,most likely after their last update?
This might be the cause of transfers missing or arriving many days later.
Anyway, I am also waiting foralmost 1 week for money toarrive on my WOREX account.
I got a mail from Support that says they willperform an update tonight and that my account will be credited within 1-2 businessdays.

Let’s hope so…

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does this work? i want to know if i can receive a transfer from someone to this account from spain?

@duub: Well, it worked for me.

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I have asked Wirex about this a while back and this was the response.

We have upgraded our banking infrastructure to include a next generation multi currency IBAN offering. As such the domicile of the account has moved from Lithuania to Luxembourg and new IBAN account details have been issued to all impacted clients. For the immediate future the old IBAN accounts continue to be supported and any funds deposited there will be credited to clients as normal. With our previous Lithuania based account we only permitted funds in via sepa for euro deposits , however with our new IBAN offering clients can send both funds in and out in multiple currencies via both SEPA and SWIFT ( fees may apply including correspondant banking fees when using SWIFT). This new offering is in line with our ethos of offering freedom of choice and more options for our clients.

Hi vic (or anybody),

Can you tell us what is the BIC (Bank Identification Code) of the bank in Luxembourg?

I noticed that the bank in Lithuania -alhout it has “LT” marking- is in fact located in the UK:
(website of the Lituanian Central Bank).

This could be interesting in the context of Brexit.


HEy K,

The BIC code of the Luxembourg IBAN is: ONPXLULM



I have the same thing, it’s normal ?