Mastercard getting useless


Last week aside from the card getting refused here and there it was still possible to make purchase. Now limits on the card have been raised to 2000euros/day (10k/month) so everything getting very complicated.
Purchase of computer parts/camera and else are almost impossible with such a limit. (Have to ask to order split and stuff like that…)

For how long this low limits will apply ?

We all awaited that “new mastercard” which will bring great feature and so far the only thing this mastercard has brought is problems…

The worst thing in all that is the complete lack of information…
Last week I made a purchase which was well above that limit…
I attempted to make another one, then the purchase gets decline, I contact the support a first time, they don’t know they open a ticket (to which you never get any answer but hey, getting used to, it’s been like that since a month :smiley: ), I try again the purchase the next day and has a phone call with the shop who tells me there is not enough fund on my card…). Then I contact again wirex online chat, they tell me, there is now a max limit per week, and things should reset next week. Then I do my purchase today, cards get decline (again… ), contact the wirext support again to discover that now there is a daily limit…

So had to arrange something with the shop and I am just expecting the limits won’t change again tomorrow…


Hello there @djm , sorry for your experience. Regarding the fees and limits in EEA, please kindly check this page for more information: Multicurrency card fees and rates

Thank you

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yes I know.
The problem is that the limit last week wasn’t this one.
The worst is that last week when I asked about limit, I was told there was no limit (that was wednesday evening), the next day while trying again to make the purchase, I was told there was a weekly limit of 5k and I had to wait the next week to make my purchase. Then today, when trying to make my purchase, I discover that now there is a daily limit and again what was told me last week wasn’t valid anymore…
(each time making a fool of myself at the shop… hopefully it is an online shop :smiley: ).

I was told last week (when it was still a 5k/week) that you were working to have limits increased. Is it still the case ? or we can forget about it ?

Where is 8k per day!!! You say sky hight limit it was your Winnable point. Now 2k as all industry… my PostePay Evolution had 3,5k daily limit.

I have my debit mastercard activate and euros in my wirex account, yesterday and today I tried to use my new card first time on ATM, I insered my card put the pin the the amount to withdraw, and no way to withdraw. ATM says a message like; IVALID CARD , CONTACT YOUR BANK.
I would like you to solve this issue as soon as possible, many people thesame problem

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A once wonderful card has become mediocre at best. IBAN removed, now these limits, I wonder what comes next.

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I have the same problem.
Yesterday try to withdraw money from an ATM and got the same message.

Hi there @tonyrocha , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

Hi there @innerself , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?


No. I did not raise a ticket. Honestly, I do not know where to do it.
Also, I have tried the MasterCard on 2 gas difference gas stations and the result was the same the ATM.

Sorry for your experience @innerself . Are you able to please raise a ticket with the Support team?

Please follow the instructions:

  1. Click this link: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

  2. Choose your issue.

  3. Describe your issue

  4. Submit a request

Thank you

I had changed my new card pin back to my old card pin as I can remember that.
Yesterday I had to do more verification, answer some questions, then wait all day until it verified.
Then I got congratulations you can now use your new card? I already was for weeks.
TODAY tried to pay and got “incorrect Pin” so used my Amex card.
Just checked what the pin is and it has reset back to New Pin!! Means a trip to ATM to change it again.
So Verification resets Pin to default.