Mastercard Partnership - Your questions answered

We have seen a few questions floating around about the recent announcement with Mastercard. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to create an FAQ post that addressed the most commonly asked questions.

What are you hoping will come out of this partnership for Wirex?

Having Mastercard as a partner will not only help to reassure consumers and give them the confidence that Wirex and cryptocurrency is a trusted solution for everyday payments, but allow us to develop our product and ensure we continue to offer the best in-class cryptocurrency payments solution.

Do you have a release date for when you will be launching the new Mastercard partnership and will all customers need to get new cards issued?

The Mastercard announcement marks the start of a new phase at Wirex that will revolutionise the fintech and cryptocurrency spaces. Later this year, we are planning to launch a next-generation of Wirex card for customers in the EEA region, with game-changing features including additional currencies, free international ATM withdrawals, sky-high limits and next-to-no fees, that will ensure it has a significant advantage over our competitors, some of which will be assisted with our burgeoning relationship with Mastercard. While it will not be compulsory to get a new card issued, we think you’ll want to!

Can we still keep the Visa cards when Mastercard is added? Will features be changed and/or upgraded such as implementing no monthly fees?

Moving forward, we will continue working with both Mastercard and Visa for different customers in different regions. We will be launching a lot of new features and getting into new territories over the next 6 months, but please know that we are assessing the best options at the moment for different customers and their needs, to ensure that we continue offering the best in-class product.

Will the current VISA cards be transitioned out and cease to be supported by Wirex?

With 3 million customers across the globe, we currently issue cards across Singapore and Europe, and have plans to launch in the US later this year. We will continue working with Visa for some customers across the world, but our new partnership with Mastercard means that we can choose the best options for our customers, as well as the release of our next-generation product in EEA later this year.


This sounds really good. Thanks for these informations.

Nice one.very informative

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What next-generation product?

Yeahhhh good one thanks for the info i’ve been waiting for this. Cheers

can’t wait to get my hands on the new shiny card!

I would like this one as Visa doesnt work in all shops in UK and in some doesnt work as contactless. Hope Mastercard will fix those things

I’m excited to see what the MasterCard partnership brings to wirex over the coming months it has certainly give great exposure already.


:+1:Nice work Wirex

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De que sirve tantas novedades, si no solucionais vuestros problemas existentes? como por ejemplo, que no se puede acceder a Wirex desde el PC o como que no puedo retirar dinero en mi cajero automatico!! ticket 1603062

Good, a big step forward.

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wow , very good to have the Mastercard!

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I am pleased with this, can only be good going forward. Just a few things for you to consider. One it would be nice if there was a savings account attached and secondly I have used a swipe card, where you do not have to transfer money first into pounds and then transfer to the card. Ie less steps would be a good move too

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Hope there will be support for SEK at some point :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes i see that mastercard want working with fintech.
they don’t like visa taking the market :grin:

Is it known yet when we can expect the mastercard application on our Wirex/Visa card?

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2021 r

Would be good to hear from wirex even roughly when the MasterCard will be released in the UK. Keep getting emails to drum up excitement and encouraging me to recommend to friends etc but thats very difficult for without knowing when it will come out

Hi here Luke. I hear you. We might be announcing it sooner than you think. We know we have been hyping the waiting list, making sure people are onboard. But we are gearing up to a launch. So please stay tuned.