Mastercard withdrawal fee

I already have the MasterCard card. Does Wirex charge a commission for ATM withdrawals?

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Here’s what we know about it:

You can find out more here:

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Hi, this link answers some question related to the fees. But what about the limits ? Specifically daily and monthly limit ? I read somewhere also the £400 pounds when it comes to montly limits ?
Hope this is not the case. Please update the Limit & Fee’s section also for Mastercard Users

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We will know more very soon. The Wirex team is updating the help articles.

About that, this article only concerns the new Mastercard: How do I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw up to £400 (400€ for EEA) a month at no additional cost, after which a small fee of 2% is applied.

The limit will therefore not be £400 per month (if that’s what you are thinking), but probably on the same basis as before with the visa card, i.e. £/€/$ 250 per day: Wirex fees and limits

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Hello, also depending on which ATM withdraws there is a commission from the bank. In Spain, Banca March charges a 2% commission and in BBVA 1.98% commission.

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