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Hi everyone,

Quick question. I have some MATIC on Polygon I would like to send to my Wirex account. I have added Polygon to my accounts in the Wirex app I can’t find the account address to send to.

Is it the same as the Ethereum address?



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Pls submit a requsst mam here.


It might not be set up yet… doesn’t work for me either.

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Hi @Stevie_09 @sabarrcom! Kindly note that for now this currency is available for exchange and sending to Wirex accounts of your contacts.

Please, find all the relevant information on this matter in the link below:

Kind regards!

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You could use the new wirex wallet and keep it there Wirex | Cross-chain wallet for DeFi and NFTs

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Thank you for the replies, I was hoping to send the MATIC to my account to spend. Not a problem I can trade the MATIC I have into something that I can do that with.

Does anyone know if that is a planned feature in the future?

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@Stevie_09 Kindly keep updated, as the information about new features is notified to the users once they are available.

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wirex will announce it sir :blue_heart:

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Appreciate all the replies, thank you :green_heart:

I have been pointed to the account limits page from the help articles section of the Wirex help centre. There is a page on there ‘Wirex Cryptocurrency Account Limits’ that states all the cryptocurrencies handled by Wirex. Each one has an ‘on chain limit’ section. If this section states ‘N/A’ it means the cryptocurrency cannot at this time be sent direct to an account like I have asked about above.

I found this useful because I am able scroll down the list and see which cryptocurrencies I can currently send directly to my account from elsewhere (i.e. personal wallet → Wirex account).

Thanks again to the above posters :slight_smile:

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