Meet the new kids on the block

Today’s the day! Two new cryptocurrencies – LINK and MKR – are now live and available to buy and exchange in the Wirex app!

To celebrate this (once you’ve finished your margaritas), you can bid farewell to exchange fees on these tokens for a whole month. This means 0% fees on exchanges for each coin until the end of May.* Cheers!


*Full T&Cs HERE


Sweet I was wanting to buy some MKR and add more LINK :yum:



Already bought some link…

I would also like to know if ADA Cardano will be joining the new kids on the block soon.

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Hi @opmiami :wave:

It would be nice but I don’t think canardo will be available soon, but let’s be united, because we will all be eating sushi together soon! Wirex company is really awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you yearn a (happy) meal?


:wink: Good to know!

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Which countries are these NEW crypto available to ???

Cause there is no new crypto in the UK app

Only BTC, ETH and the same non interesting ones.

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