Minimum Withdrawal is very high

Hi… I thought the minimum withdrawal is $50. Now it’s $150++.

Hold guys, hold!

All time high soon???

No one knows

Around 30mins via erc.

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Thanks for the info. The only cons via erc is expensive fee…

@kiraulo21 @W_for_Wirex Kindly note that for now the limit has been increased. You will be able to check the current information in the updated articles on our website as soon as possible. Please stay tuned. Kind regards!

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No. You are getting the bonus even if you lock WXT.

Go to dashboard, press the WXT balance and then again press the WXT balance inside the sircle. There is the balance explanatory, total WXT, available WXT and locked WXT.

The bonus calculates the total amount of WXT.

Sorry to say, but this is not correct, i don’t receive anythink…

@Buchi-88 Please clarify your request so that we can address it.

I currently have an elite tier and am thinking about locking the 3 million WXT tokens. Did I understand correctly that if I lock the 3 million tokens I will get the next tier but no more WXT rewards for the 3 million tokens? So you don’t get a saving bonus for the locked tokens, what kind of stran…

Hi @Buchi-88, locking of WXT does enable users to earn a monthly savings bonus.

Thank you for the answer but i don’t become for the last month no saving bonus for the locked WXT Tokens, answer from the support:


this month i become the X-tras rewards for the locking Tokens. regards


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nice thank you

were not sir sometimes theres a delay but we are always meet the costumer needs