Missing deposit

Hi. I’m looking for some info or just general help. I have made a deposit in bitcoin to a platform deposit address. After successfully paying from my wirex app, I’m not able to see this deposit in my platform account… and it’s been 8 hours…

I have clicked on the blockchain link in the wirex app to trace the transaction and it had 7 confirmations… not too sure what this means as I’m still a newbie with all of this.

Could you please advise if it’s possible to cancel my transaction? Or to reverse?


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It should be at the address, usually 3 confirmations on an exchange. Blockchain is irreversible as you would need every tx in the block to be reversed, the block destroyed and the subsequent 7 blocks and the millions of tx reversed.

To support :
Could you please cancel my transaction?

Hi there Jakob, Please use the dedicated support thread in this forum which is here…

I will also move this thread in the support channel.

Alternatively you can send the support ticket reference number to supportescalations@wirexapp.com
or login via a desktop and talk to our support team directly via the Live Chat feature.

Thank you so much.