Missing Huge Amount of Wirex Tokens(WXT)

By meeting the user needs you mean that removing earned WXT is helping users?

Can you tell us what you actually get for being an ambassador? I hope it’s good, because some of the stuff you write on here is pretty hilarious to read.

You are writing “guys wirex do their best to meet your needs” on a topic where various users report that WXT was taken away.

Like dude… can you please have some good judgement? If you can’t help users, that’s fine. But why do you write stuff that just annoys people and makes no sense whatsoever?

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i know what you feel bro i know support desk sometimes slow theres a lot of concern day by day globally i guess in the future wirexapp hire more in support team

Hello guys.
I think Wirex is scamming.

My 325€ referral bonus was not paid. It’s one month late.
Same for my wife : 325€ referral bonus not paid.
Same for our 10 referees: 25€ bonus not paid.
Same for my referrer: 25€ bonus not paid.

Wirex is just giving polite anwers. Nothing is done.

I’m thinking about a legal action.

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@moderators hope they can help you. but i didnt manage those techy stuff.

No one has been paid rengro.

Wirex isn’t a serious company. They lied and deceived users and failed to comply with their own terms.

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you know each client, all of them, you contacted and confirmed that nobody received? how you are that sure that nobody received ? stop bullshiting, i have also complains but i dont publish anything based on assumptions, you didnt receive and you know maybe few people didn’t receive does not mean nobody received,

complain wisely

I know, because I have done 3 promos. Completed all the terms.

There are more users here with the same issues PLUS all our friends who we invited.

And on top of that:

Support doesn’t reply to tickets for over one month.

It’s safe to assume no one has been paid.

You just have to use your head.

use your brain, you are not everyone, :joy: you are lack of math statistics or any logic, no sense to talk,

just keep your assumptions to yourself,

@Kerri_Wirex @wirexuser01 @admins why do you allow this kind of no sense comments, seriously. i can assume he is stupid :joy: it is more precise assumption than his assumptions

@Ali_Wirex @Kerri_Wirex @Yuliia_Wirex

My account wxt 5311 is missing

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You lack any good sense.

You can start by browsing this community.

Seeing the number of people reporting the same issues. Then start using common logic.

And finally, look at yourself, you are crying to mods because someone writes things that you randomly don’t like.

God forbid users report issues with Wirex.

Anyway, this is the last time I reply to you. So good luck in life living with that mindset dude.

Hey Kanchi,

it looks like Wirex changed terms — without announcing — and now they can basically steal your WXT if you don’t “use them” within 30 days.

Read the comments above.

Oh and Wirex also increased the trade minimums, so yeah… they’re really doing their best to help users obviously ha.


That’s insane and ridiculous