Mixed issues with Wirex


Since the support tickets are totally useless I’m writing here. I made several support tickets and I receive a confirmation of the support ticket and now to be fun part.
The response comes back like this:

We experienced an unexpected increase in inquiries in the last few weeks.

It will take us a tad longer to process your request.

If you require assistance with card order, please find useful tips below:

  • [How do I order a Wirex card?](Wirex gives me a link here that I can’t post here))
  • [How long does Wirex card delivery take?](Wirex gives me a link here that I can’t post here))
  • [How do I activate my Wirex card?](Wirex gives me a link here that I can’t post here))
  • [The list of supported countries](Wirex gives me a link here that I can’t post here).

In case you still require our assistance, kindly reply to this message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If your request requires urgent actions, please contact us via in-app Webchat

Seriously, what KIND of support is this? You don’t even read my concern, your response is that you don’t even have the time to read my concern and then auto message something completely useless??? Also they give me a link to a in-app chat that doesn’t even exist or work… seriously Wirex???

Anyways, Back to my issue with Wirex.

  1. My PIN code doesn’t work in shops. It tells me that its the wrong PIN code. I have double checked my PIN in the app and I’m entering the correct PIN code. Making payments contactless works since I don’t have to use the PIN code.

  2. The PIN code can’t be changed in any ATM’s. A message says “This service is currently unavailable”

  3. I can’t make transfers from my US account to my Swedish bank. I can only transfer BTC, ETH and XRP to my Swedish bank account. Why can’t I transfer the USD to my bank??

I appreciate some answers here. Im not interested in support tickets since they are totally useless.


Strange, when I use the card in shops I get a code via sms from wirex, I don’t have to type the pin. Did you use the card contactless or you inserted the card into the reader?

I am using it since one month and is working well. In some shops it was declined but now in the same shops it works.

I inserted the card and when I do that it tells me that I have entered wrong pin code.

When I used it contactless it worked since no pin code is needed.

But when you hit the limit of contactless payments you need to insert the card and use the pin and when that happens it will be embarrassing standing there in the store and the machine tells me that I entered wrong pin code.

Why does it tell me that the pin code is wrong???

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I don’t know. I used always wirex in contactless mode.

But I withdrawn cash once and pin worked fine, so I think you should check with support. I suggest to open a ticket and escalate it in the correspondent escalation thread on the forum.

So you make a purchase over 100 euro or dollar contactless without entering you pin code? Sounds terrible??

Hello @AAA, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

This case has been escalated to the relevant team for a detailed investigation. They will contact you via the support ticket directly.

Warm regards.

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