Mobile app stopped working

My mobile app keeps crashing after I updated it to the latest version. Have anyone reported bugs about the lastest update? Can it please be fixed?

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Hi @jonrhythmic :wave:
I hope you’re okay.

For me, the latest version on Android ( works fine. Which version are you using?

I’m using 3.31.1

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Thank you. On which device?

Older Samsung Edge 6 with Android version 4 max version

Hum… it’s a version dating at least from 2011-2014… It’s largely outdated. Can you use the desktop version instead? You can do this from your smartphone, it will prevent you from having any issues. :+1:

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The webversion of the app works, but I would like it to continue working on my phone if possible. I prefer the mobile app.

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@jonrhythmic Unfortunately, we had some troubles with the app update.

The issue has already been resolved, and these functions should work fine by now. Please, try again and get back to us in case the same or any other issue arises.

Hello, I just checked my Android version which is 7, so it should work. I updated the app to the latest version, so I guess you have to push the fix to play store so I can update it again.

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man. 9. mai 2022, 13:20 skrev Maryna via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <>:

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@jonrhythmic Kindly check your mailbox for the communication form our Support team. Kind regards!

Hello, I updated the app to the newest version that was released, and it fixed the issue. Thanks for your help!


Hi @jonrhythmic :wave:

I am very happy to hear it! If you allow me, I will close your topic.

Thank you!