Moderators and staff

I would like to say this too all who are investing their money through Wirex!
Though I personally am having trouble with my personal situation!
I must consider that the moderators ,staff and fellow investors are all doing their best for their clientele despite a rather volatile environment for investors with the president currancy market! Cheers to all of you all of you whether you are in the western hemisphere or the Eastern hemisphere :+1:


Thank you for your message, this is appreciated :slight_smile:

Wirex staff - Moderators, Support Representative, Relevant Team & more will be happy to hear your feedback!

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No worries!
But I am still having trouble with gaining access to my account!
They sent me a reset password link ! But I was asleep at the time and they only last 15min!
Can I please get another one?

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I also tried a one time password that was sent to me earlier in the day and I was unsuccessful because it said that I exceeded my login attempts and to wait 24 hours!

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@6355 Let’s try to sort it out together by continuing this discussion in private message. Thank you!

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Okay I will private message you back !

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Did you solve your problem.
I don’t know how to believe Wirex.
I get account access issue, but no one can tell the situation.

Hello there @Tom_Chen , I’ve reply you in another thread, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a private message so that I can assist you further. Thank you

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Can one of you employees of Wirex APAC please help me out with the review of my account?
I have been locked out for a month and I have been placed in dire circumstances but potential danger for my Mother because they didn’t let me know it was going happen!
I would not of transferd my funds from my local ANZ Visa debit card to my Wirex wallet!
I do have reference numbers for support tickets if you want them! I desperately want this matter resolved I am in extreme financial hardship because of this!

Maybe @moderators could have a look at your account?

I have a moderater trying to help me but unfortunately they are not responding to her as well!

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Hello there @6355! :sun_with_face:

My sympathy goes out for you for being calm and patient at your difficult situation. Is there a reason why your account is blocked? I am sure there has to be an explanation on this and yeah sure, drop in the ticket numbers and the customer support will look up your case and guide you from there.

Best of luck!

Continuing the discussion from Moderators and staff:

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Continuing the discussion from Moderators and staff:

te=“6355, post:13, topic:23952, full:true”]
Continuing the discussion from Moderators and staff:

I have not been given any explanation as why my account is locked nor do I get any information or updates or any acknowledgement that they have put me in serious financial trouble thanks to their sudden decision to lock my account!

Ok, my best advive would be that you post your support ticket number here:

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Hi @thepope :wave:

Yes indeed it is the best way to share your ticket number.

Thank you!

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I hope to hear from you soon because I don’t want to loose my money that Wirex has!

I received my Wirex card on Nov 3 and was very excited to be able to join this revolution and move away from my bank issued card. Alas this wasn’t to be the case as the link to activate my card never appeared on my Dashboard and I still cannot use it. Despite numerous emails with support I still cannot activate it. I continue to receive emails encouraging me to activate my card so somewhere in the system obviously knows you sent me a card. In addition I’m unable to participate in the Black Friday promotions. Can you escalate this for me? Support ticket is 832248 and yes I have posted this on numerous occasions to the support area of this community forum

Hello there @Thackrah , I’m really sorry about your experience. Let me chase it up for you with the support team. If you do not receive any response, please come back here or send me a private message so that I can chase it up for you again. Thank you for your continued patience.