Money archetypes (part 2)

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We are continuing the 2nd part of Money archetypes - which one are you?

In case you have missed out the first part, here it is : Money archetypes, which one are you?

Okay, so let’s jump back right into it.

The fourth archetype is ‘’the innocent prisoner’’.

Imagine you were jailed for the crime you didn’t commit. How would you feel if you had followed all of the rules, played by the book and did everything right and still ended up a prisoner. These are the people that did well in the school, got good grades, listened to their parents, maybe even earned a scholarship, perhaps, they became doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, but deep down they still don’t feel fulfilled. They appear successful on the outside, but inside they are stressed, burned out and empty. Some even take antidepressants to aid low humming anxiety. They say : ‘’ I did everything I was supposed to do. Why do I feel lost and empty inside? What did I do wrong?’’ The biggest struggle here is that they don’t think they can stop living this way, because it would be irresponsible, so they bottle it up and the feelings get worse. The mistake of the innocent prisoner is believing that conventional wisdom was the key to happiness instead of listening to their own heart’s calling.

The fifth archetype is the castaway.

Imagine you are in a plane crash in the middle of the ocean. The only survivor who washes up on shore. You realize you are truly alone and you must fend for yourself. You build yourself a shelter, you hunt your own food and you even make a fire, but everyday it’s a hustle, you can’t preserve food, so you are always on the hunt, always just surviving. This routine becomes your life for years. The castaway is the struggling solo entrepreneur. You are starting your own business , but you feel alone, everyday is a struggle hunting for food and water to survive. You are always on the lookout for new clients or fulfilling the jobs of others. If you get paid you can afford to eat and when you find your first client it’s like starting a fire for the first time. You want to celebrate , but you have no one to celebrate with. The castaway has to do everything in their company and never quite making it to the point when they can rest, because if they stop working , they will not survive. The mistake of the castaway is living life as a lone wolf, while they have what most consider freedom, they are lonely and they have no long-term sense of future certainty.

Finally we have the unfulfilled king or queen.

This is the person who conquered many obstacles and is finally sitting on the throne. It wasn’t easy, you’ve worked hard for years or decades to get to this position and you have everything you’ve ever wanted - fortune, lifestyle and status, but for some reason your happiness is fleeting. Instead of joy other things fill your mind : ‘’What if other kingdoms attack or try to take over?’’ So you build up your army or fortify your defences and you feel satisfaction for just a moment and then another fear sets in and you itch for the next achievement. This archetype is the overachiever - the one who was always at the top of their class, worked hard, succeeded in life. Perhaps, it’s a talented CEO, an executive, senior partner or other high up position, but deep down they’re afraid that their peers will outperform them and strip them of their title that they’ve worked so hard for, but from this place of motivation achievement does not lead to happiness. It’s a trap - they have to achieve more and achieve more and inside they are always unfulfilled. The mistake of the unfulfilled king of queen is the one who finds it hard to be satisfied unless they out-did everyone else, but as a wise person once said : ‘’ You can’t win the race of fulfilment running on the track of achievement.’’

Now this brings us the end of our wealth archetypes, do any of these sound like you?
If so, don’t worry you’re not alone, each and one of these has a solution if not multiple solutions. We are going to explore some solutions some time soon!

Which one has resonated with you the most?

  • Caged lion
  • Chained magician
  • The hustling treasure hunter
  • The innocent prisoner
  • The castaway
  • The unfulfilled king or queen

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