Money archetypes, which one are you?

Change your mindset and transform your financial reality!

Sure…that sounds easy enough, right?

But what if we are stuck and busy or don’t have time to think about it? Well , not to worry , because it becomes easy to shift our paradigm if we can clearly see where we’re at in this moment, and now that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

We all have different stories. You have your own set of unique experiences, beliefs and ways of looking at the world. Once you know your wealth archetype it becomes very easy to focus on what information will be the most useful to you in this life. These six wealth-archetypes are the caged lion, the chained magician, the hustling treasure hunter , the innocent prisoner, the castaway and the unfulfilled king or queen. As we go through these, feel into which one feels the most like you.

The caged Lion

Picture that you are a caged lion, the king of the jungle - wild, fierce, born to hunt, but one day you were captured by hunters and put into a cage. You say to yourself : ‘’ I’m gonna get out of here and then you’ll see how dangerous I am.’’ But over time you grow tired and soon you’re thrown a piece of meat. You try to resist it, because you are the king of the jungle, but you need to survive and so you eat… Day after day, month after month you slowly get accustomed to eating the meat you are given. You are not starving, but you are not truly satisfied. You get trapped in this routine and there’s this voice screaming inside of you - frustrated, angry and impatient. Then the doubt creeps in… I’ve been stuck in this cage for so long that I still have what it takes to hunt? What if I can’t survive on my own…? The caged lion is the frustrated 9-5 employee, they are the people who know they can provide for themselves, they can be successful in life, but they have sacrificed that life for the predictable routine even though it makes them miserable inside, but what if I told you the key to unlocking the cage is dangling right in front of you and sometimes the lion tamer leaves the door unlocked? Because he believes you don’t have the guts to step through it, but deep down inside YOU DO! Well, let’s move on for now, but we will come back to this. Now onto the second archetype.

Chained magician

Imagine that you are a powerful magician, you have powers most people can only dream of. You are full of creativity, energy and imagination. Boundless energy that allows you to think fast, learn fast and act quickly, however the village elders around you have prohibited you from using your abilities, so the other people in the village who can’t use magic won’t feel threatened. Your powers are unique and different and go against conventional wisdom and even though you can bring great change for your village, the elders warn that staying with tradition is safer than trying something new. The chained magician represents all of the millennials and new generation of talent who feel suffocated and pressured by their parents and society. People, who have heard their whole lives : ‘’ Play it safe! Nobody in our family has ever done this before! You can’t make a living doing that!’’ Get a degree, get a good job, get married and buy a house and so on… Remember that going on your own path instead of what others have told you doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You might feel alone and misunderstood, but as you go out in the world and pave your own trail you discover that there are far more magicians like you out in the world. You can take the chains off anytime. For the only one who can stop a magician is themselves.

Let’s move on to the next archetype.

The hustling treasure hunter

The hustling treasure hunter, who loves to go on adventures and to find the next biggest chest of gold, they love the thrill of the chase, the allure of a new opportunity going after the shiny objects in the sand, but it seems like finding treasure maps excites them more than the actual search for the treasure chest itself. When they find a new map they exclaim : ‘’ You just wait! Once I find the treasure I’ll be set for life, you will be sorry you missed out!’’ However, as they follow the map they realize it requires them to chart rough seas and uncompromising landscapes and so they quit. They say : ‘’ There was no treasure the map lied, but don’t worry, the treasure map is out there and I will succeed on my quest!’’ These are people with a lottery mentality, believing external factors are what determine success, they jump into the latest money-making schemes. They announced they’ve found the opportunity of a lifetime, but when it doesn’t work out at first they are quick to jump to their plan B, their plan C…D…We all face temporary setbacks, but we must be willing to persist through them to gain our wealth. The hustling treasure hunter can achieve great wealth as long as they can follow their map to the end with passion, commitment and love.

I hope you enjoyed this article so far, if these doesn’t yet resonate with you, don’t worry there’s three more to come that I will put in the part 2 along with the voting poll to see how we have been doing.
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