Money myths and beliefs!


Hello everyone!

As you know recently we have been talking about money, ways and ideas to generate it and learn along the way. There’s other side of the coin too - it’s the patterns, thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we might be subconsciously attached to that holds us from seeing the whole picture. You definitely have heard of some of these myths if not all of them, and honestly deep inside we know ourselves that we have fallen for them at some point or another. Don’t be shy and hit the vote button, we will go through each one of these in some of the next topics.

My confession and my own vote goes for ‘‘Chase for the big deals!’’ that I finally became aware of this while researching this topic. To explain what it means , basically spending money on short-term pleasures and things, rather than being patient and investing for long term success.

What about you my friends?

  • Myth 1. Money is the root of all evil
  • Myth 2. All rich people…are bad people
  • Myth 3. Chase for the big deals!!! (…*but missing value)
  • Myth 4. Live cheap and save some
  • Myth 5. Financial freedom = the end goal

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Many thanks and enjoy the journey!

Let’s talk about how wirex block people’s accounts without any reasonable explanations other than telling you month after month after month that “the relevant team are dealing with it and it’s been escalated to the highest priority “ and that’s all you ever hear and if they don’t like what they are hearing then they remove the post like they will probably do with this!! I’ll let everyone know if they do!! Thanks

Wirex status is JOGA we can’t loose controll on us emotion and us believe. I repeat all operator in crypto world block people for liquidity and instant profit because instant profit is not liquid.

What are you talking about?

All problem was in Euro I think Wirex had much btc and other coin no!?

I have been trying to get my £7600 out of my Wirex account to my UK account, as the app will not allow me to buy any crypto. The money has now gone missing from my Wirex account, I am told it is being processed, I have now been waiting 8 weeks for a simple funds transfer, I am now broke and this is destroying my family :confounded:

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Hi @Billynicholls!

Noone can make you stop talking about it , if you have any issues, please feel free expressing them. Detail the problems and associated ticket numbers with them, because I understand some of your messages were automatically flagged, because of violating forum rules.

I genuinely feel for you mate. I too have some gbp locked up and some eth which is heartbreaking!!
We have to draw the line somewhere!

Bad news for you I think this was legal because imposed from UK but in Europe this is not acceptable.
Crypto world w8 escalation party from people.
Need that something applying a sistem of controll of provider that not pay but also the right that we signed.
If I would work in Financial Istitution I might check all it but firstly need to know one of this and this is bad case of Wirex.
Where is the fastest Wirex that I know!!!
More crypto evolving more hard for FCA is define a sistem of controll. How you controll NFT games?!
The good news is that more crypto is blocked more istitution give attention to crypto more awareness more investement. So crypto would evolving more people would had blocked money. So tnx for contributing to evolving crypto world.

I had one question FCA application was end in 30/06/2021 and on 31/03/2022 so the first chance we don’t passed? Or we are on list of being checked? How this process works?

So are you saying wirex have a right to take peoples assets?

I’ve been detailing the problems for months and have more ticket numbers from so called wirex support than you could shake a stick at but yet nothing happens ever as per usual!

Yes bacause all doing this. Watch Iq option regulated but continuing blocking people like nothing happens 10 years of blocking people it is hard to be operative all this time if it would be scaam no!?

I am personally very sorry and feel for you guys, especially for those who have been genuine and patient. Just my two cents here - all I can say if your funds are legit and you think there’s been any kind of misunderstanding, don’t give up on it and do your best to keep professional - post the issues , send emails, screenshots and your ticket numbers at the right threads , express yourself without trying to shame others, we are all people at the end of the day. I mean holding onto any negativity will just make you more hurt.

Stay blessed!

You must have some serious shares in wirex mate if that’s what you think! I think my lawyers would say different!!

You only unblock your money you can’t block Wirex

Nice words pal but that ain’t helping! How much longer are we supposed to wait after months and months!
Of course the funds are legitimate and that can be proven. I’ve already answered their questions regarding funds and still nothing. Regardless they have no right to withhold funds!!

I had no emotion for the first 3 months that it was locked up! So how many more months should I let people withhold my money without any emotion?

Could you say me when this money was deposited and when you try withdrawal it?
1)deposit crypto-exchange to fiat-withdrawal
2)depositing fiat-withdrawal Fiat
3)depositing fiat-exchange to crypto-withdrawal
Which is your?? @Billynicholls

I would have to check exact dates but deposited with back around February and tried to withdraw around may! Since Before then I haven’t been able to withdraw gbp for a long time!!

1 2 o 3?