More of the most expensive NFTs out there!

The NFT market really is one of a kind. It sees thousands of unique digital collectibles sold every single day - and some of them for seriously eye-watering prices.

Back in April, we looked at some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold and discovered some real surprises. We’re curious to know which others make the list, so here are nine more NFTs with ridiculously high price tags.

9. Edward Snowden’s Stay Free: $5.27 Million

Edward Snowden’s one and only NFT sold for 2,224 Ether (somewhere between $5.2 and 5.5 million), with the proceeds going to the Freedom of Press Foundation – a charity that advocates for whistleblowers. It features Snowden’s portrait comprised of the 2013 court documents that decided the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance practice violated the law.

8. Larva Labs’ CryptoPunk #8,857: $6.64 million

One of only 88 Zombie punks in existence, this guy was bought in May 2018 for 2,000 ETH and features unruly black hair and red and blue 3D glasses.

7. Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers #109: $6.93 million

New York-based artist and NFT creator Dmitri Cherniak designed 1,000 pieces for the Ringers collection. Each one features a different way of creating loops around pegs using an algorithm. Number 109 sold for 2,100 ETH in October 2021.

6. XCOPY’s Right-click and Save As guy: $7.09 million

XCOPY is a big name in the NFT world. The well-known digital creator designed ‘Right-click and Save As guy’ as a joke aimed at people who think NFTs are worthless, since they can right-click and save any image whenever they like.

The GIF initially sold in February 2021 for 99 ETH ($174,000), but just a few months later went for an incredible 1,600 ETH ($7.09 million).

5. CryptoPunk #5577: $7.7 million

The second highest CryptoPunk Ape sale to date, this one sports a cowboy hat and sold for 2,501 ETH in February 2022.

4. CryptoPunk #4156: $10.35 million

One of just 24 Ape punks, number 4156 wears a blue bandana and was bought for 2.5 ETH in December 2021.

3. TPunk #3442: $10.5 million

TPunks are CryptoPunk copycats on the Tron blockchain that depict various collectible characters. While they usually go for around $130 each, number 3442 sold for a staggering 120 million TRX, which is approximately $10.5 million.

2. Beeple’s Human One: $29 million

Human One is a 3D video sculpture of a 7-foot-tall person in a spacesuit. The figure is shown walking through different climates across four screens and is played on a constant loop. It sold for an unbelievable $29 million at auction in November 2021.

1. Larva Labs’ “CryptoPunk #9,998”: $529.77 million

Whether this one truly takes the top spot for most expensive NFT is up for debate – the sale is technically considered invalid. The buyer of Larva Labs’ CryptoPunk number 9,998 actually bought it from themselves with borrowed money and repaid the loan in the same transaction. If the sale hadn’t been deemed void, the buyer would have spent an enormous 124,457 Ether – approximately $530 million – on it.

We wonder if anyone will really spend over half a billion US dollars on an NFT one day…


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