More WXT is moving to the Ethereum blockchain!

Earlier this year, we migrated 20% of the total supply of WXT from the Stellar Network to the Ethereum blockchain.

This time, we’re going one step further. On November 8th, we’re taking our dedication to DeFi to the next level and making a further 60% of Wirex Tokens - another 6 billion WXT - available on the most popular and powerful blockchain for decentralised applications.

Why? Because you asked for it. We know that Wirex customers value having easy access to DeFi, so we wanted to make it even more accessible to you. Our ultimate goal is to bring the benefits of DeFi to absolutely everyone, and moving WXT to the Ethereum blockchain gets us one step closer to achieving this.

So, what are the benefits of Ethereum-based WXT? You can deposit it in a liquidity pool and earn passive income from it, exchange it into a multitude of other ERC-20 tokens on a decentralised exchange (DEX), or even use it as collateral for a loan on a wide range of DeFi apps.

You can also transfer your Ethereum-based WXT between Wirex and external crypto wallets, and - of course - earn some incredible rewards with it across the Wirex ecosystem.

With 80% on the Ethereum blockchain and 20% on the Stellar Network, WXT will maintain its multi-blockchain status and effectively bridge the gap between payments and novel DeFi ecosystems.

If you have any unanswered questions, head over to our FAQs page.


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I dunno what stellar is like, but good thing I’m not intending to send my wxt anywhere then… Cuz I don’t wanna pay 20$ per transaction on ethereum.

Maybe you guys should look into waves instead… I’m only paying a few cent there. Save your costumers some money, don’t listen to popular opinion… The masses are never right. Lmao


In my opinion, bsc would be a better choice. Fortunately, 20% was left on the stellar with low fees.

My number is 5

Goodmorning everyone

It’s incredible! Thank you Wirex! :heart_eyes:


Thank you for update


Let’s Go! :grin:


I see😊

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Interesting. Sounds like a good idea.
However, I think the Stellar network has much lower fees than the Ethereum one.

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It will something change with X-Accounts or will still be paying one time per week?

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Hi @Teji No X-accounts is the same. Thank you

sending wxt from wirex to ethereum wallet does not work
you don’t know why ? thank you

I think that, if Wirex supports the transition from wxt blockchain to ethereum blockchain, it will support liquidity and therefore more value in the time horizon. But sending or exchange wxt-stellar to wxt-ethereum does not work. As they planned, I think. Wirex is hurting himself. This is a good idea, although expensive transactions are a disadvantage.
But a higher coin value is better for holders.
I also think the ETC blockchain is best for stability in the future.

You should move to BSC for more explosure, I’m sure many Asian customer will come on board. Expand the chain !!!