More X-Accounts

do you plan to add more X-Accounts, because 10 accounts is not enough


We consider your request and suggestions :relaxed:

we will in the future sir. its a good idea also.

you can consider also Locking on Defi :heart: Wirex partner

It would be REALLY nice if you could reconcile the X-Accounts with the the normal accounts. If today I want to earn some %APR, I need to move my funds to an X-Account and, if I also want to use those funds to spend money with my card, I can’t. I need to always be having some amount on the normal account (card purchases) and those funds do NOT get the %APR. This is really annoying apart from being quite confusing… and making the whole process really complicated.
It should be more transparent ad straightforward to the user. You deposit some currency and that currency immediately starts earning %APR and you can use your card to purchase things that will be deducted from that balance (and get the cashback).


i see thanks for this suggestion sir! :heart: nice

Great suggestion. Thank you for concern. :innocent:

Have a cheerful day. :revolving_hearts: