Moving posts to Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

Am I the only one infuritated by threads being merged into the huge and unmanageable Support Inquiry Escalation Thread?

It’s absolutely impossible to track them down once Wirex moves them there.

I’ve seen two threads in the last few minutes where I share the same issue but cannot find them when moved to discover the answer.

The first is, I have a refund due on to my Visa card after March 16 so what will happen and the second is I cannot change my PIN on the new Mastercard.

Very unhelpful of Wirex to hide them as they do, but I’ve come to expect that lecvel of service from them.


Hello there @Blue , I’m sorry for your experience. Can you please send me a private message so that I can assist you further? Thank you so much

Hi there @Blue , Firstly thank you for sending this feedback. Secondly, I wanted to give a bit more explanation about the moving of threads to the support channel here on the forum. The reason why myself and the other community managers do this is because any account/app/service related issues should be in the support thread. This also goes for ticket reference numbers as well. The other channels here on the forum are dedicated to other topics. The support channel is run and overseen by dedicated members of the support team. They are the ones who have access to the support system and are able to look up ticket numbers, whereas us, the community managers, cannot.

In regards to not being able to find topics, threads, comments that you yourself have created, you can always look back on your activity with in your profile options.

Thank you

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That’s completely not the point.

There are common questions people need to ask, and by moving them to the support thread only the original poster can find them.