Mr. Goxx the crypto-trading hamster

Like many people, Mr Goxx is dabbling in cryptocurrency, hoping to strike it rich.


He’s notable for two reasons: first, he is making money, with his lifetime career performance up about 16% - beating many professional traders and funds.

Second, Mr Goxx is a hamster.


The business-minded rodent has a trading office attached to his regular cage. Every day, when he enters the office, a livestream starts on Twitch, and his Twitter account lets followers know: Mr Goxx has started a trading session.

By running in his “intention wheel”, he selects which cryptocurrency he’d like to trade, as the wheel spins through the different options. His office floor has two tunnels nearby: one for buy, one for sell.

Every time he runs through a tunnel, the electronics wired to his office complete a trade according to Mr Goxx’s desires.


I salute you Mr.Goxx the hamster


Super Top!