My 50ct thoughts

Dear wirex team,

I am a happy user of the wirex card. Till a week ago it worked. I was really pleased with the introduction of SEPA transfers within 2 hours from bank to card and vice versa for my country amazing good job.

But then the problems started last week. Main problem is that customers arent informed on time and support keeps giving non saying answers to people. Remember these customers are the ones who make sure you get a paycheck each month. Be more open, give customers a personal answer and not a copy past one.

Average transfer time for resolving 1 ticket is 3 days. That is way too long, you need to hire more support staff or give the helpdesk chat team more options to resolve immidiately.

Now in my case #1759592 a very simple one I got a new phonenumber I sent in the required selfie and docs I dont think that should take 3 days to verify. Hopefully someone will finally resolve this for me.

Last as said overall I am really pleased with Wirex app + card hopefully I can use it for a long time.

Thanks for your time reading
Anita :tulip: :netherlands: :tulip: