My account has been locked

Is there anyone in the APAC REGION that can assist me with contacting Wirex and expaditing the review of my account so I can start using my account and continue my currency exchanges through my Wirex account!
A super ambassador from France is trying to assist me as well as a monerater by the name of Natalia is also trying her best but as they are in the Euro zone !
I am hoping that some one who is closer to Singapore who I believe is the handler of apac accounts and there for able to aid me better with unlocking my account or is this issue being handled by the Euro zone Wirex team?
I have lost out on many occasions opportunities for me to make a little extra money for my self &I am suffering from severe bouts of depression since my account has been locked & so I appealing to anyone who is staff of Wirex APAC to see if they can help me out !

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Hope i can help you bro , but im just a normal user like you :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I am sure I understand that sir and I really appreciate your swift response!
But I do have a Super ambassador who is doing his best already but like you he’s hampered by the fact that he isn’t employed by Wirex,which is why I am trying to get an employee in the Asian Pacific REGION! Cheers mate :ok_hand::+1:


hope your account will fix soon

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Hi there!
I cant login into my account since 16/04/21
you can leave feedback on trustpilot it is very easy to find them in the list.
Have a nice day!

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Hope i can help you , but im just a normal user.

Hi there @6355 The support team does work within APAC hours as well. Please can you send me the latest support ticket reference number so I can flag this with the team?
Thanks so much


I don’t know which is the most recent support tickets
So I will send you all!
I hope you have able to assist me?
Because I am in financial trouble now because of my account getting locked alone with my card!:cry::cry::cry:

Has there been any success with those people revewing my account?
The longer I have to wait for a update the more depressed I get! First you take almost 6months to send card another two and a half months too change my password which I have to do all over again! Another two months to verify my local card and bank statement and now this!
Why am I going thru this liveing hell! I have done nothing wrong! And I am treated like scum and I don’t know why!
You have put my in dire straits and no help!
Do I even exist to you people or just another number to ignore!

Hello @6355 , I’m truly sorry that you are experiencing this delay. I will chase the ticket for you again. The support team will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you

Can you please try to get onto
@ Natalia from support to inform the hyer ups that I am beyond despeserate now ! It’s all I can do is barley hold my self together Mum has to see the doctor and have a biopsy done tomorrow and all have is ten measly dollars!
If it’s ealier Mum has the greatest chance to stay alive! I NEED THAT MONEY PLEASE?

My warmesd andthanks Mr. Chein Chein.
I pray for success!

Is anyone with any sort of Authority for WIREX please help out?
I’ve done everything asked of me yet WIREX in their collective wisdom permanently froze my account!
I’m supposed to take my mother is for a biopsy and talk to some doctors but that is out of the Question now because it’s a 500km round trip and I have not enough money to buy petrol for$1.50 a liter !
I am fighting for my mother life now and yet the standard robotic reply is given! I see no reason for delay since I have been frozen out for 6 months!

Hello there @6355 , sorry for the late reply. I will chase it up for you again. The support team will get back to you as soon as they can. Please let me know if you do not get a reply. I will chase it up for you again. Thank you

Thank You I will let you know if I receive a response!

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I’ve still haven’t a response except that nauseating robotic amswer I will be informed by the relevant team to up date me but it has happened yet in the past six months!

I’m not getting anything from anyone now! I Think I am Persona non grata now as far as Wirex is concerned!
God only knows the fate of my money :moneybag:. Wirex just don’t care unless you’re Rich

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Wirex care us all sir.

Yes if your account isn’t frozen permanently and with no one lifting a finger to help! I needed that money to have a biopsy and I couldn’t pay for fuel for a 500km round trip with no oxygen because I don’t have enough to refill the bottles !
No sir I dought if Natalia of support even knows what empathy is!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: All I want is My money back! PLEASE@6355

Dear Mr@ChienChein!
Please try to remember that my anger and frustrations of my account is not by any means I know of do I have any ill will towards all you Moderators and Ambassadors!
But my despair at the potential loss of my money could have me back in the nut house again because of a state of depression that I just can’t get my self out of! And Judy of support has been quite rude and disenchanted towards me and my situation ,she says she will update me when there’s something to report and that is not good enough! People want reasururence as well!