My account is locked with Balance

My account just got locked right now… After having problem to withdrawn my money on crypto.
After telling me to wait for a week before i can withdrawn and finally the Lock my account.

Please can you send my balance on my crypto to my BTC wallet. cause i have the right to have my money back . enough is enough no rest of mind since i transfer money to wirex.
Ticket number: 2984268

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Hey @anitadobber40,
Thank you for reaching out to us!
I have passed your ticket onto the team. They will reach out to you directly to get this resolved.

Hello @Kerri_Wirex am yet to receive any mail concerning my block account… Please need access to my money very urgently… I am ready to provide my wallet address to send my BTC if you are no longer offering me your service anymore.

@Kerri_Wirex @Maury197 Please can you help me with my problem… I haven’t hear anything from the support … I need access to my account and my money am pleading with you people.
Here is my ticket number again Ticket number: 2984268

This is the new ticket i got again from the support
Here are the ticket
(2986964) (2984268)

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Hello @Kerri_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex I got a mail ( Your identity has been verified successfully.
Please now re-open your Wirex app to complete the authorization process. Selfie check confirmation is valid for 24 hours.)

I try to login on the app as i was told but my account still block… Please can i provide my BTC wallet to transfer my balance. i have been on this issue for days now.

They will contact you once it’s done

hi there , yyourwithdrawal is on processed sir.

@Palangs04 Hello please i don’t understand what you mean by my withdrawal is on processed ?

I haven’t send my BTC wallet to you yet

This is a frustrating … its been 2 weeks my account has been blocked …Nothing has been done from the Wirex Team
All my savings is been blocked with the account.

@Wirex @Kerri_Wirex @Kerri_Wirex @MalouIsAvailable

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Hey @anitadobber40,
I’m sorry to hear that your issue has not been resolved. I have passed your ticket references onto the team to chase on your behalf. They will reach out to you directly to get this resolved.
Thank you for your patience.

@Kerri_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex The same message have been receiving since my account has been locked … I get no value information how to have access to my money on the account.

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Now i see that i have been scam by wirex … they re lock my account with 15,000euro. now they have been silent since 3 weeks … I will make sure i start a campaign on wirex who are defrauding people because i have enough proof.

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hello @moderators please assist thank you.

It’s being escalated.

I have the same issue. They keep saying the same robotic answers. How can we prevent this and get our money back?

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Well have been talking legal council who are ready to take up my case… I hope they found solution to my problem …Otherwise we will settle the matter legally.

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I too have same problem w/ blocked WireX account. I have moved to Thailand and rely on WireX! They just send robot email… have forwarded it to the “right team”, then nothing! Any advice would be appreciated.

My account is blocked even if the change email is granted and accused of duplicate account. they told me toj withdraw my money but how im still waiting for 8more small transfers that i did not received since oct30 and sending is successful.

and today i emailed 2x having a follow up for the unreceived transfers , it will say my account is INACTIVE.