My account is still blocked for two weeks

I never thought this could happen to me, two weeks account blocked and no idea if my funds are safe. No high street bank will dare do that to there customers.

This shows exactly why digital currency is not ready to go mainstream. It’s companies like this who ruined it for everyone.

Trust , security and communication are the most important thing that customers look for. But unfortunately Wirex has really let me down. I was loyal to them do over 4 years and this is how they treat me. No idea about my funds and can’t use it in case of emergency.

If you wondering, no I didn’t do transfer or anything. My account was blocked as they suspect it was hacked.

And all I get is they can’t say anything except it’s under investigation. Even a criminal investigation with Scotland Yard they give you information.

At least tell me my funds are safe but no they just say the relevant department is handling it.
If you are using Wirex as your main account and depending on those funds. I strongly advise you not to , as this could happen to any Wirex user.

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Like you I am a user of 3+ years. I have had a problem with my account for 3 weeks now. The support communication is very poor. I have asked numerous times exactly what the issue is and all I get for an answer is ‘it’s a 3rd party issue’!
Really disappointed and annoyed. Loyal customers deserve better.
Not good enough Wirex. You will lose customers.

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after updating the application, it asks for my username and password, I don’t remember the login password, it’s been 1 month that I ask to reset the password without success, they send me a 3-hour link that refers to the login, in 2020 anyone can reset you a password with a simple email, Wirex instead do not respond and when they do they send wrong information and links, in 1 month I think they defraud people, I will contact my lawyer and the police for a fraud report. Stay away from this platform, they don’t provide any support and your money isn’t in good hands

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Yes, I’m gathering information and cases like ours.

If we lost money we will be able to take this to the proper authority. They were telling me it’s a similar case to the company Wonga. They shut the business in the end as they were summon to return all there customers interest they charge.

We all need to keep notes especially if you lost any funds from your accounts. Wirex must not be aloud to carry on doing this to people as it’s really irresponsible and should not be aloud to take on new users. Especially now when people are struggling financially

Vedo che siete bravi con le chiacchiere ma continuate a non reset armi la password del login, mi chiedo perchè Wirex dopo molte email inviate con documenti, numero di cell etc continua a resettare la password, di metta nei miei panni e sicuramente la vedrebbe in modo diverso, resta il fatto che sono in attesa di entrare nel mio conto.

I just signed up for this app. This is not a good look at all!

Yes, be really careful. I was with Wirex a long time but they treated me like this. I still have no excess to my funds.

It’s coming to a month now, I will continue to warn people on social media so it will not happen to them.

Good luck

Hi there Pat, please know that the team is working on your case and I of course will chase this again for you right now. It is customary that the team investigate cases like this further when customers give personal information to scammers, hence the reason for the locked account (to protect you). We take these issues extremely seriously and the team will follow through the necessary protocols in order to get this resolved for you.

Thank you

Hi Ali,

Thanks for the response, I did not give information or authorised anything

It’s been so long which is really unfair towards me. I really don’t understand how can this take so long???


Hi Pat, sorry I should have clarified, I meant through the fake facebook page that was impersonating us, which we warned about HERE and on our social channels. Therefore, as a precaution the team will investigate and lock accounts for your protection.

In regards to the time, I truly apologise in the delay. Let me chase this for you right now and flag it with the team. I will keep chasing it until it’s resolved. Please do come to me any time as I can always flag this again. I completely understand your frustration and I will do my best to keep chasing.

Thank you.


All I want is excess to my funds, it’s not right to deny me excess to my own funds for so long.


I completely understand. I will keep chasing this. Thank you so much.

It sounds really worrying, you have to give the users proper responses to solve their problems Wirex!


What’s the update on my funds?


Hi Pat I’m chasing this again for you now. Thank you


This is exactly what I mean about Wirex, you say you will check then be silent for days. It’s been a month and I want my funds back. That’s all I want. Can’t Wirex afford that? Does Wirex not have insurance? What sort of company is this?

Already the worst platform to use as scammers love Wirex because Wirex don’t take care of there customers

Very disappointed in Wirex, if this happens to any of you, especially a time like this. You will know what I mean and how I feel.



I was told by Yan

Can you confirm that my funds are lost to scammers, what are you investigating?

I need my funds back, is Wirex insured?


If you saying scammers took my funds, what are they investigating and why this long? Is Wirex insured for situations like this? Or is it a dragging game till users get fed up?

So many are in this situation from Wirex, this is unbelievable how you block accounts and leave people hanging for so long.


Hi Pat, the support team will always be the one’s to update you directly as that is something that community managers are unable to do. We do care for our customers, for all cases that they might face. However, there are protocols to adhere to when dealing with certain tickets. Some will take longer than others. In regards to scammers, this doesn’t just affect Wirex, but many companies in this industry. We do warn customers many times about these scammers and what to look out for. In regards to your account and funds, I cannot comment on that as that is something only the support team can discuss with you directly. However, I will keep chasing this for you. I will do so again, right now.

Thank you