My account is still blocked for two weeks

All these reply’s seem very very familiar!! Can you not think of anything else to say?

In what way is it a violation? Is it not a violation that wirex are withholding peoples personal assets when they have absolutely no right to??

Dear @Tomcat, please be informed that the messages were flagged by the system automatically. As they are off-topic/inappropriate/spam etc.

I would like to ask you to avoid flooding with messages in order to avoid such situations in the future.

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Dear @Billynicholls, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed resolution of this issue.

I regret to inform you that I am unable to speed up this process since this case is being processed by the relevant department. As a customer support representative, I am unable to unblock the account manually.
Please rest assured that you will be updated via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Why do Wirex keep blocking my posts when I’m saying nothing offensive but only the truth!
I am deeply concerned that their are others on this community that have said that their accounts were locked and when unlocked they had lost all their money? What is your response to this and can you guarantee my assets are safe??

In addition, Wirex customer funds are safe. To learn more, please read this article:

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So please tell me when my funds can be unlocked and why I’m hearing from others that they lost their funds when their accounts were unlocked

People have had accounts blocked for over a year.

What is their reason for this and why are they allowed to get away with it? Surely the FCA would not approve this?

Welcome back @Billynicholls @Tomcat :wave:

Regarding account blocking, please read these two articles below.

Also, when you use the services that Wirex offers, you accept the related T & Cs which mentions the potential reasons for blocking accounts.

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:

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Well it appears asthough a lot of Wirex accounts are locked so are you telling me that they are all suspected of unlawfulness or they haven’t provided proof of funds? So if I have answered all your questions and my account isn’t suspected of unlawfulness then why can’t it be unlocked? Or if their is a problem then why can’t you say what it is? It seems strange all these accounts being locked around the same time?? I thought originally it was meant to be due to brexit! What’s changed??
Also why am I hearing from others that when their accounts were unlocked they had lost all their funds? Also why is Wirex not FCA regulated??

My accounts with Wirex has been closed for about 2 months now when I got the notification from Wirex and they requested for an external account to transfer my Bitcoin and pound Sterling.
I have since responded to this message.
Valeriia from customer service also sent me a similar message and I responded by sending the details requested.
In all I have sent my external Bitcoin address and bank account to send my Pound Sterling into up to 7 times but each time they pretend they have not received where to transfer my money into.
I have been through untold hardship since January when my account was initially blocked for no reason. I was happy that I can finally get my money when I got the message mail that they had closed my account.
2 months down the line Wirex is still holding unto my money despite sending them accounts to send my money to 7 times.
I have now involved my solicitor because I have a feeling they are toying with me and do not care about what I have been through locking away my legitimate money since early January.

Depending on the value, have you looked into the small claims court.

Both pounds and Bitcoin is over £4000 in value.
I might consider the small claims court.

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Hello@Billynicholls and @Tomcat,

We kindly recommend you check the following link and read paragraph 18 of our T&Cs which you’ve accepted while creating an account:

18. Account Suspension and Termination by Wirex

Thank you in advance!

Hello @dolamod, please accept my sincere apologies for your unpleasant experience and for the inconvenience caused.

Could you please provide us with your reference ticket number? We will escalate the case to our relevant team.

Looking forward to your reply!

I been waiting for a year, I know how you feel

Dear @Patlimkh! We understand your frustration, however, we can not influence the reviewing process, which is being conducted for security and privacy reasons.

We are doing everything possible to make sure that the users’ personal information and the funds are safe. For this reason such reviews are necessary.

Best regards!

One year is way too long, no company takes that long. Imagine people who just give up. I will never stop. Just because it’s principal

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Dear @Patlimkh! Please, rest assured that your case has not been forgotten or dismissed and is currently being processed.

Kind regards!