My account is still blocked for two weeks

It’s been a month Ali, this is not right. Even police investigation don’t take that long.Wirex cannot let people wait this long. All my questions ignored. Is Wirex hiding something? Why is there no transparency?


I’m sorry you feel that way but I understand. No, Wirex of course is not hiding anything. They take security and protocols extremely seriously. Blocking accounts when users have compromised them via clicking on unknown links or giving out information, even unknowingly, is protocol and most importantly done for the customer’s protection. In regards to the amount of time, this is subject to always change as it truly does depend on the issue.

But I was told scammers manage to take my funds. I’m worried of losing my funds and a month now without answers


I completely understand your frustration and would feel the same way you do, but please know that I will continue to chase this. I will flag it again shortly.

I just want my funds back,


Hi Ali,

Is there any update, my account is still blocked. Where are my funds?


Why is Wirex not insured? Customer funds are totally vulnerable.

Last year Bitrue got hacked more then a million dollars.Every customer got back there funds within 24 hours. They also have a million dollar insurance guarantee protection per customer to protect there funds.

Why is Wirex so backdated in this, how will you guys compete with service like that?

My account with Wirex is blocked for over a month and they don’t have insurance for customer funds. It’s really not safe


I’ve been waiting over two month for my money wirex is not a safe platform for money there HQ is allocated in the Middle East region. Weeks has past and still no reply I’ve Sent all the security information and still no reply they ask for other account to send my funds to over one week now and it’s taking forever

Yes, a lot of people have contacted me with the same problem, we all just need to warn new users on social media, consistently till the end of the year and maybe longer if we have to. Also make formal complaint to financial ombudsman in UK. This will warn people from using Wirex.

They blocked my account 2 dayes ago after a btc transaction no replay think I have send like 30 emails just replaying there robot answers from this forum a support don’t exist Or explanation why account is blocked and what I need to do to open it

Just open a ticket and keep chasing, over a month I been waiting

Well that’s done same minut but they don’t got a support so our account won’t get open if they don’t do it there self

I have exactly the same issue. I transferred some BTC on Monday night, exchanged it into GBP ready to withdraw it as I have countless times in the past. I haven’t however used my account for the whole of the pandemic, so my GBP card had been closed. I was assured by a Wirex person that I could nonetheless do the transfer without that card being active, and in any case my EUR card is still live.

Whaddya know…the transfer failed and the funds are now locked. Despite numerous tickets and escalations I get a piecemeal response from one the agents after hours of waiting each day that gives me no clarity or reassurance about the safety of my funds - nor a justification for why the failed transaction can’t be reset so that I can buy some BTC and transfer it back out to somewhere where I can convert it with no hassle.

I don’t know whether Wirex are either callous or just incompetent, but of course here I am on Thursday night still waiting. Threads elsewhere point to this being a regular issue, which makes one start to suspect that Wirex are using our funds for their own gain under the guise of the failed transaction lock. In other words, in spite of the London Office and the claims of user friendly crypto access Wirex are no better than the plethora of crypto scammers out there. As you say, crypto has a bad name and will continue to miss mainstream adoption when companies behave like this.

WIREX - If you’re listening and care one iota for your customers reply to this message and I’ll send you my ticket number.