My friend's account was hacked by an employee of Wirex

Hello Sir ,
I hope you’re fine .
I referred my friend to register with WIREX since days ago, and his account was not verified until today, and today his account was exposed to piracy in the name of WIREX .
I have a problem with my friend now, he tells me why you ask me to register with this bank [Wirex]

My friend registered with Bank Wirex, more than a week ago, and until today his account has not been confirmed, and your site asked him to confirm the address.
He confirmed the address via Paysera’s bank statement, and today his account Paysera was stolen, an amount of more than 1,800 euros was stolen , And when he tracked down the account number that stole him, it was a bank account that was at Bank Wirex.
Please he want his money back.
His account has been hacked multiple times .

★ The IBAN number that stole his account : _ EE447777000012305137

★ The first robbery: 16_ November 2020 at 18:38 , The amount is: 1800 € .

★★ The second robbery: 16_ November 2020 at 18:39 , The amount is: 30 € .
★★★ Third robbery: 16_ November 2020 at 19:13 , The amount is: 4 € .

Help me please .

My ticket number : (1755059)

The rule is that you have to show the bank name, your address and you can display the last four digit of your account number or card number.

WIREX insists on seeing all four sides, all the transactions and full accounts details. this rule has been imposed by Wirex. It is not the rule by any Government or any companies to disclose all your bank details in public. They also keep saying that they are not happy. I have sent a SCANNED document but they keep saying they are not happy.

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My ticket number : (1755059)

Hello @ALMUSADDAR, I am sincerely sorry for the situation that occurred.

I can confirm that we will investigate the matter. I have also sent you an update via the ticket, please take a look.

Best regards!

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