My personal experience with Wirex

Hey guys,

For a couple of days I want to write this message and now just found some free time.

I used to have a ticket old of 7 months without being able to acess my account. Most of it, it was my fault as I lost my phone; some not authorised transactions were done but I finally got the access to my account.

To all those impatients that criticise wirex as their support is slow. You are all right. It is way too slow. But what’s a certain, is that it is going to be solved.

So many times I lost faith that my ticket won’t ever be solved but it is now. Try to be patient, even if it is so hard.

Even with all the agony I had for months I am still going to use more wirex as I just ordered a new card. I hope this helps you, as I am a clear example of having a ticket solved.

Take care and stay safe!



Wirex has a very reliable customer service that doesn’t get enough credit.

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Have you read that part where I said that I waited 7 months? Lol haha.

Anyway what matters is that there are real folks working on it