My Transaction Pending

My XLM Coin Transfer to external wallet still pending from 15 November 2020, now is 3 January 2021, the coin still pending, and the coin is drop too much price, how to solve these problem? it over a month for the transaction, can you reply me shortly!?


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same issue here with xlm

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I have same proplem. not funny.

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I have ETH account problem, feels bad.

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I am having a problem with XLM send out of Wirex stuck on ‘pending’ even though the recipient address is correct and previous transfers to the same address have worked okay.
Pending status has been stuck now for two days and no acknowledgement automatic or otherwise from the support team. I only had a response when logged on via the web chat.
I would like the XLM transferred or the value paid to my bank in Fiat.

I’m glad I did not take part in the crowd sale because it is unacceptable that my funds have disappeared and it appears there is nothing being done.
If this is not resolved in a timely fashion I will be instructing collectors to recover the debt/funds and also sending and filing a statutory notice which every creditor will see.
This will not be good for them or Crypto but I will use as a last resort.
I just want my funds to show up or my money in Fiat returned without quibble.

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Hi, i’ve sent 2 payments to an external account(same for both), one is still pending the other one saysthat’s done but none of them hasd been received.

Hi Wirex!

Can you please help me with two times pending money! It’s has been stocked already for two days! From beginning its showed, the problem will be resolved from few minutes till 24 hours. Now it’s three days around! Can you please help me with?


Dear Sir / Madam,

Transaction Pending

This is getting ridiculous now and it’s not funny at all. I have made 2 transaction one in December 14 for £3700 and another a month later for £2900. I also sent several email to complain about the above transaction which are still pending till date. This is no longer funny as my rent and bills are in arrears and my ageing mother medical bills is still outstanding and wirex are doing nothing about it, yet there keep send irrelevant messages about investment and offers. Please can someone tell whoever is in a position to assist to please pay up all my funds which is £6600.
I hope they will be professional enough and do the needful and pay up as promised

Joyce Ilawagbon

I ve the same problem. Please help. Thx