My Transaction Pending

Hello, my transfer is pending, more than 20 hours, and i write you on mail, but nothing has changed, please help me!! My ticket (1411587)

I bought Bitcoin 10 hours ago and tried to w/d to an external wallet and it is still pending this is ridicoulous

they don’t pay out personal funds, I wait more than 30 hours to receive my bitcoin. And I see this is a constant problem, the company does not even try to fix it.
Account from which does not pay out, the amount is 0.01622BTC
I kindly ask you to understand

@nathaniel_shoun The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

@yarukos We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

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Hi there. 2 days ago I did a withdraw. The application has been pending for 2 days. Please help resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Is it possible to make the transfer pass and not go back to the Wirex wallet?

Ticket - 1421383

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@Viacheslav We see on our side that you have already been updated via email regarding the pending transfer issue. As for the address verification, it was passed to our Verification team and they will contact you directly as soon as possible.

My ticket #1454140 , transaction and waiting is almost 40 hours. Technical support does not write anything, these transfers work for acquaintances in 5-10 minutes. What is the problem?

Hi @kolya.koshelevych, we have forwarded your case to the Support team and you will be contacted at the nearest time. Regards!

Ticket # 1535662

I initiated a Polkadot withdrawal that has been stuck as ‘pending’ for more than 24hrs.

When the transaction didn’t process immediately and I didn’t find any on-chain network activity showing the transaction I knew immediately that there must be an internal issue within WirEx. After chatting into support via the app, I was told that ‘the transaction is processing, to have patience and wait up to 24hrs for the transaction to complete.’ Support acted as though this transaction would be completed and confirmed on-chain within that 24hrs. BUT, they KNEW it wouldn’t be processed and instead of just being honest with me, canceling the transaction, and advising me to try withdrawing using a different coin, WirEx intentionally misled me by trying to give me false hope that the transfer would be completed while knowing all along that it wouldn’t complete.

Instead of handling these pending transactions in real-time as they arise and resolving them customers to ‘have patience’ and wait an entire 24hrs before addressing an issue that WirEx is aware of and which there is a simple solution to, WirEx is procrastinating at resolving their customer’s issue and is creating a backlog that further frustrates and increases dissatisfaction among its consumers. This is a fool-proof path leading to a company failing and closing their doors.

WirEx: FIX THIS TODAY! Below are simple steps to mitigate the inevitable decline in customer retention that will be shutter your business sooner rather than later.

  1. Suspend all Polkadot withdrawals (along with any other actions involving Polkadot transactions) immediately.

  2. BE HONEST WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS! Explain that a tech issue has forced the suspension of affected products and services offered on the WirEx platform related to Polkadot. **DONOT MISLEAD CUSTOMERS INTO A FALSE-SENSE-OF- HOPE that their transactions will be completed within 24hrs while knowing the entire time that this transaction wouldn’t be completed.

  3. BE HELPFUL! Give in-app chat support the authority to cancel these pending transactions while they’re actively chatting with the customer. This step has many benefits including- resolving the customer’s concerns/issues, dealing with these concerns/issues head on, decreases reliance on back-logs where customers get delayed resolutions and, many times, where customers fall through the cracks.

These are simple ideas that take minimal effort and yields enormous positivity in customer satisfaction!

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Hi @MobiusShip, please rest assured that our Support team did not lie to you. If it takes time to make a transaction, it means the transaction is under additional checks in our system. We cannot see the exact check/state and cannot cancel it during that, unfortunately. It usually takes a few hours to process such a case, however, rarely, it may really take 24-48 hours for the transfer to be processed. If it takes more time, it is surely not under the additional system checks and we need to ask our technical team to check what happened.
Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will pass them further to the relevant team so that they can consider it.
Thank you for your patience. Best regards!

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Hi! Thanks for your reply.

You replied 4 days ago. Well, my transaction is STILL ‘pending,’ I have yet to receive a reply to my ticket, and in-app chat support is still unhelpful and without any insight except to say that it’s still being processed.

If you’re saying I wasn’t misled, then the only other conclusion to come to is that In-app support has been left in the dark about the issues facing Polkadot withdrawals on WirEx. While chatting with them, they stated that ‘they haven’t been notified of any issues’ in regards to this coin. I know firsthand there are issues because I’m experiencing them myself. But I also have a friend who tried to withdraw Polkadot over a week ago and has been dealing with the same ‘pending’ status issue as I am now. Eventually, he was able to get the transaction cancelled so he could swap for a coin that isn’t experiencing the same problem. That’s 7+ days BEFORE you replied to this post 4 days ago.

11+ days that Tech support has been aware of this problem and there’s been zero communication to customers or chat support, and zero mitigation efforts to keep customers from getting caught in this mess.

But the worst part is that the problem STILL EXISTS and 11+ days (that I personally know of) hasn’t been enough time to fix it! :person_facepalming:t2:

I’m left scratching my head trying to figure out the reasoning behind the listed failures above, ie; disabled DOT withdrawals, chat support being clueless of any withdrawal issue to begin with, the inability of tech support to figure out what the problem is, etc.

This has gone beyond the point of incompetence and is entering the realm of negligence. It’s amateur hour over there.

Oh, and btw; please add “24hr Customer Support chat isn’t actually 24hrs.” under the heading “BE HONEST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS “ in my list of improvements to focus on in my original post. I’m in the US and not once have I ever been able to connect with a support agent during normal business/daylight hours. The only times I’ve ever been able to connect with an agent is after 1am my time.

I’ll be honest with WirEx and inform you that I’ll be sharing this experience on TrustPilot and elsewhere. Since WirEx won’t mitigate customer frustrations by taking steps to disable actions within their apps which are known to be actively experiencing problems leading to delays and the inability to access the customer’s money in a reasonable amount of time- I will.

@MobiusShip We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

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I have the same issue… please contact me as well.


team will help you sir.

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@Long_Tam Hi, we’ve passed this case to the Support team. You will be updated soon. Regards!

As what they say your case is in hand now at support team. Thank you

when will they contact me ?

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