My Transaction Pending

team will help you sir.

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@Long_Tam Hi, we’ve passed this case to the Support team. You will be updated soon. Regards!

As what they say your case is in hand now at support team. Thank you

when will they contact me ?

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i really dont know the exact ETA but asap team will contact you

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Really kind of a nightmare.
A week ago I made a withdrawal of the amount through polkadot. Transaction stuck. Wrote in support. It was canceled and the money was returned across 2 days. I changed the polcadot to sol. Split the amount into two transactions. The first one went fine. The second on Sol 15 from May 13 is in the pending status. Already three times wrote to support and all to no avail. Because of this nonsense, I lost 300-350 dollars on the transfer. during the transfer, the course fell … It’s just awful

My Wirex to Sol wallet is STILL pending. I’ve never had an issue with this wallet before.

Please help! I desperately need this fixed asap

@finezeferis Hi there, I am sorry that this is taking so much time for this to be processed. This had been escalated to the technical team and you’ll be updated soon. Regards!