My transfer is pending

Hello, it’s been 5 days since I transferred bitcoin but the transfer is still pending, help me


Did you send your bitcoin from an external wallet ? If this is the case, you have to wait for a minimum of confirmation (low fees do not help). Look at the TXID of the current transaction for more details. Do not hesitate to contact support directly if you notice an anomaly.

no I have transferred from my wirex account to an external wallet

I advise you to contact support directly from your account on the Wirex App desktop.

Hi there @Anaide00 I will move this post to the support channel here on the forum and the team can assist you. Have you by any chance created a support ticket for this here…

If yes, please send over your support ticket reference number and either @Yan_Wirex or @Kateryna_Wirex will assist you further.

Thank you so much

I have a similar problem this morning.

A 500 wirex account transfer to my USD Wirex ATM card is still showing as Pending for 8 hours. This happened once before a few months ago. Turned out to be a problem with the USA banking network.

Hello @maeserati99, I am sincerely sorry for this unpleasant situation.

I have just sent you an email in order to specify the additional details of your case, please provide me with a reply so that I could assist you further.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, you fixed it thank you.

Wirex fixed the stuck transfer for me today. In under 24 hrs of reporting it.

Thank you.

Dear @maeserati99, thank you for your cooperation!

I am glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

Have a nice day!

I have a similar problem too, my request is 1605122 on 4 Sep 2020, but no update till now.

Hi @Mayday, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed resolution of your case.

I have put this to the first priority in order to make sure it is processed ASAP.

And of course, we will update you via the ticket once the issue is resolved completely.

Warm regards!

Thanks for you help and look forward to hearing from you soon :pray:t2: