My transfer is pending

Ive been waitting my xrp transfer to my external account from wirex. Since afternoon still pending on the app.


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Dear @Gerard_Philippe_Cort, we are sorry for this situation. Our agent will contact you if the transfer is not successful. Regards!

Thanks! If the transfer still peding ill update and contact u guys again tommorow.

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The transfer Still pending.

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Why is my withdrawl from DUCKDICE TO WireX not coming??? Here is block: bithomp[dot]com/explorer/ECE398EAB8AC347076181DB8DA81773CFA82CF5CCFC6DC58C9CD20700E12B359

Im missing 3 other transactions too from 12th and 16th on 16XLM, 74XLM and 6XLM. You need to credit that back to my account asap. I need to go to the ATM and withdrawl in paper currency. I have other companies with way less effort , but i like the VISA . Fix this today to keep me as a customer. Now im using other apps to avoid the Long pending time and even when i withdrawl you n3ed hours or days waiting time! 193XRP 96XLM GIMME BACK MY CURRENCY

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Dear Gerard,

Let me inform you that your request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you directly via the ticket once it is done.


Hello @piapett, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

I have just escalated your request to our Support Team and they will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Best regards!

Been waiting this since yesterday. No email still the transfer is pending.

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Dear Gerard, I apologize that the resolution of your case is taking so much time, but we are doing our best to sort it out as soon as possible.

The point of this delay is such cases are processing by our relevant team manually, therefore, it could take some time.


I know that. But please can you email me what happen? This is only a transfer. Not unlike other app i din’t get any problem.

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The matter is being investigated by our relevant team.
As soon as we get an update, we will get in touch with you immediately.

Thank you for your patience!

Ok thanks. I hope by tommorow their would be an update.

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Any update? Please tell me what happen its just a transfer without Blockchain. Ussually cryptocurrency have have that

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Hi @Gerard_Philippe_Cort! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Please tell me or send me detailed on my email what happen. I need this money to buy milk and groceries.


Dear @Gerard_Philippe_Cort! Please be advised that the relevant team is looking into this issue. Also, kindly note that such cases are processing manually, thus it could take some time and I kindly ask you for patience.

I hope for your understanding in this situation.

Kind regards!

Any Update on my Pending Transfer? Paid the fees and what happen?

Dear @Gerard_Philippe_Cort! Please note, that it is being reviewed by our relevant team. The issue has been escalated and the update will be forwarded to you once possible.


I have got the same problem too. I have initiated a xrp transfer few days ago but it just keeps pending.

I can’t imagine this could happen in the era of blockchain technology.

If crypto transfer is blocked, please cancel my sending request and let me cash out to repay my credit card.

My ticket is 518579.