My transfer is pending

@Oodie63 As we’ve already requested, please provide us with more specific information on the transaction you are referring to (date and time, currency, Hash ID, amount, nature of transaction etc) so we can track it on our side, as we do not see any pending transactions on your account on our side. Regards!

And please I need to know why my account was locked snd what document I’ll be needing to unlock it

Why haven’t I heard anything from you guys the last 16hours since I dropped the required details you guys asked from me, 16 hours later I’ve not gotten a response about the transfer and my locked account

Hello @Oodie63, we see that you were updated recently. If you have any questions, you can always contact our Support agent. Regards!

Hello guys please my account was locked and I don’t know what I’ll need for it to be unlocked please help me look into it

@Oodie63 Please check your mailbox for the appropriate update in ticket #2657403 and respond accordingly. Please also consider deleting your previous message, as it contains your personal details. Thank you in advance!

Transaction hash 299aa8e30b924fe099fbea5ee96153f1 and d613a1628ea747049531854f107a3150 pending. Tried to sent 10 000 USD in BTC, because two transfers of together 28 000 USDT are pending since 26 July (!), causing interest disadvantages of daily 12.3 $ (or meanwhile $123). Changing the 10 000 Tether to BTC brought me fees of more than 150 $.

So could you please push the following transfers or please cancel the transfers so I am able to access my money?


It is badly solved that your customers cannot cancel the transfer as long as the transfer is still pending.

Hello @TomHere, this case has been escalated to our technical team. You will be contacted shortly via the email address associated with your account.