My transfer is pending

hi it’s been 2 hours since i switched WXT and still pending. Help me

my ticket 996536

@nguyen_ixx Hi there! We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

handle me now

Hello good day. I have made a deposit in LTC, and it’s been 2 hours and I still don’t see it in my account. I made the deposit from Binance, where the operation is completed. Please, I need you to resolve the problem urgently, because I have payments to make with the card. It is urgent please!

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Hello @gprieto, according to our records, the Support team has replied to your ticket, please check it out. Regards!


You can always wait a few minutes if no action has been taken, please wait for the team to take your ticket into account, don’t worry, you will receive your change shortly.

Thanks you!

Yes, issue resolved. Thanks a lot!


Happy to serve you all guys :white_check_mark::muscle:

and thanks for being here.

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I have been trying to withdraw funds for more than 30 days, more than 25 withdrawals, all rejected, I tried several cryptos and different wallets, I did everything that he suggested and nothing works, the truth is, I don’t know what else to do, nobody gives me a solution, I’m tired from waiting and talking to support and trying to make withdrawals that are refused

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Please update your apps and relogin and try withdraw sir , its work on mine :slight_smile:

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it keeps getting rejected… already create the ticket


I suggest contact live support sir.

I have more than 30 hours pending 3 transactions of LTC. I write to live chat. They create a ticket number 1190877 , but i don’t receive any answer why my transactions still pending?

Hi @ivaylotsanov, we’ve passed this to the relevant team. Please keep in mind that it may rarely take up to 72 hours for the transaction to be processed. You’ll be updated as soon as possible via ticket. Regards!

Hello, I did what they recommended in support of sending the funds to another wirex contact account to be able to withdraw and I continue with the same problem, only today more than 20 withdrawals rejected on the same day, I have been trying and trying to be able to withdraw MY OWN funds for 30 days , please I want to update as soon as possible, it cannot be that I have been waiting for a withdrawal for 30 days and all are rejected, I already tried in several currencies and all are rejected
my ticket is 1194522

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𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘 :hugs:

Im sorry for delay and undeclane widrawal for many times you attempt…

Let me tag you a @moderators :relaxed::innocent:

Dont worry It will fix soon.
Godbless :innocent:

my transaction is still pending more than 48 hours

anyone facing same problem plz reply

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The support team will contact you once it’s done.