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Hi, I am unable to deposit cryptocurrency into my account. I believe many other users from US are having this issue. No deposit address is shown on the add funds page of any cryptocurrency. Are crypto deposits disabled for US users?

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From the information I know, some features are not yet available in US. Here’s the response from a Wirex support member:

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Hallo, ich wollte vom Wirex den BTC zu CakeDefi transferieren und bekam ich die Meldung am Ende: Sie sind dabei, Geld mit der Null-Blockchain zu überweisen??? Was bedeutet das?? Bestätigen oder Abbrechen?
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I transferred $700 in btc about month ago-STILL NOT IN MY ACCOUNT- no response from Wirex

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Hi there @robert_Donaldson I’m sorry to hear that! Please can you send me your support ticket reference number so I can flag this for you with the support team? Thank you

Hallo, können Sie mir bitte sagen, ob Sie dafür ein Support-Ticket erstellt haben? Wenn nicht, tun Sie dies bitte hier… Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone


I am still not able to access my account and it’s been some time. Can someone please tell me how long this takes.

Hello :wave: please I’m New to Wirex account I became a member 3days, my account is still verifying, I speak with so many customers service :robot: none of them solve my verification issue

Ticket ID: #1570099

I need to make use of my account :pray::pray::pray:

Hello… Earlier yesterday, I signed up on wirex app… completed the ID verification, few minutes later, I received an email directing me to upload proof of address, which I did…few seconds later, I was locked out… Wtf…I don’t know what I did or reason behind it, but I do know I was f**cking locked out…I kept wandering if the system holds a grudge against me… i signed up on wirex, to see if I could invest my earnings for the near future but it seems I’m not welcomed…

Please how do I unlocked account and what exactly do I need to do…

Thank you as I await your response

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I signed up for wirex on the 26th of April and today being May 3rd, the account is still VERIFYING and the support team seems too poor to even communicate reasonably. Very poor service. Ticket ID is 1579639. I have never experienced this irresponsible behavior before from any crypto app not even coinbase or coinzoom.

I too am waiting to verified. I have reached out countless times with no response. I’m hoping to use this program. I was planning using just this app for all my crypto needs. Unfortunately, I’ll probaly have to go with your competition. It has been over a week and still no response. You are leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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go with competition. they never respond to anything. also their promotions are half scam.

For some reason I’ve been stuck in certification mode. Can you help out should I find another app.

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Hi @Burrisschris @Neil_Keidel @LesMallo2 :wave:
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This is a verification issue affecting survey completion or document submit delays:

It’s annoying but rest assured that the team is doing everything necessary to make everything work properly :+1:

In the meantime, I advise you to download Wirex Wallet, the non-custodial wallet that will allow you to carry out your transactions without waiting:



Pls I need help, I’m unable to send crypto to other external wallet. I submitted a request but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

Request ID: 1766379

Thank you

I’m having issues withdrawing can someone help your. Keeps saying to contact the support.

If their is anything you can do to resolve my issues as soon as possible I’ll be very glad because am getting pissed off for not able to withdraw my funds and nobody will respond to my several tickets I submitted.
The 2 last ticket number I submitted today is here:

  1. tickets: 1786414
    2)tickets: 1793630

Yes hello why can I not transfer my Bitcoin to any other type of wallet anywhere? Thank you for your time