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I read that there was free exchange fee. Why when I add 200 euro of Wirex token my balance is 198 euro. It must be 200 with free exchange fee? Could you be more clear please @wirexuser01 @Ali_Wirex . How is possible that (1=1+free+free) in wirex is (0.99=1+free+free+?). How is the formula of buying crypto. @Anastasiia_Wirex . Same with euro-dollar. There are free exchange fee or it is only educative scam spot. With free exchange delta must be 0 or I’m studied wrong matematic? @Wirexapps @Pavel_Wirex I can’t understand you speak about a point of sale without this gap but actually all is the same as all… say A doing B what is this point for buy/sell??? @Inna_Wirex @wirex786

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Someone told me your closing wirex after the 16th march is this true?


Yes. Not Wirex Wallet only Wirex Card Visa for Wirex Card Mastercard

Hi Oleg,

Thank you for the information.




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The real fact that ask and bid percentage is not considered like fee. So when you hold 200 euro of something and exchange it for something other, you pay every time ask and bid markup. The real poin of exchange must be ASK+BID/2to be impartial but…

Wxt could be easy the first crypto coin in market without ask and bid markup?