Nereus Protocol is calling all DeFi enthusiasts to join their community

As you know from our previous announcement Nereus is coming, and they are gearing up to not only build upon and hone a protocol into the ultimate platform, but to bolster their vast knowledge in making this protocol for the people - all people. Which is why they reached out to Wirex to share their mission and call all DeFi enthusiasts who want to be a part of their community right from the starting line. You heard right! They are looking for community members to join their discord and social channels to get the conversation going and become advocates of the brand.

Do you love DeFi, the metaverse and everything in between? Then now is the time to join an ever-growing community right at the very beginning. You will help pave the way, converse with like-minded individuals and be a part of the next-gen DeFi 2.0 movement.

If you want to get involved then join their Discord channel today and include the phrase #NereusLegion in your comment within the community-chat channel so they know you are keen to join.


DeFi alert Ulti Arena launch defi, entri price good and think dota 2 player would be greatly to this project and soon other game I think they open to collaboration I see that they had much contact also with simplex

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