New Bank Account Details

Got email 3 days ago that bank details will change within 24hours, 3 days later no change!!!

Everything seems to take forever on wirex, becoming disillusioned with their service, or lack of!


Manybe somebidy trying to hack your account.

I got the same email. An official email from Wirex, nothing to do with a hack. After 24 hours I contacted them, no reply, I chased up after a further 12 hours and another 12 hours and sent another message but still have the old details and still no response.
I bet they will be quick to take my account fee when it’s due!
Will draw out my money and leave the account until the fix it, because I can’t really use it anyway and I’m not paying them for something I can’t use.

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Hi, i have a big problem, i withdraw my money from PayPal to my Wirex Bank account, but my money never arrive.

I,d like my money that es sended to my Wirex Bank account to my name.

Where is my money??
Wirex is scam, not help, i with my lawyer claim until recovery my money, this is scam

I quit Wirex cos service is non existent I see nothing has changed !!!

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I never got any email as regards change of account, Now I got an incoming transaction that is hanging in the air for almost one week, and I received some payments the day before. Now I am frustrated.

Hi sir.

My bank account registered with you has changed…

And I just realized.

I sent 1058 euros to my old bank account, which was registered with you.

I sent it with Paypal. I can’t pull the money back…

How will I transfer this money to my new bank account?

Please transfer the 1058 euro from your old iban to my new iban on the wirex.

My ticket number: 1566945‬

My ticket number (2): 1567394