New card does not work - Help pls

My Wirex Visa card arrived in the Post. I activated it and memorized the Pin. I credited the card with euro1000.

However it does not work to make purchases on line (payment refused)
It also does not work to withdraw money at an ATM (card declined)

I would like to be able to use this card. It is the sole service that i need from Wirex.

I have spoken to one of those ‘chat live’ assistances yesterday who said he would open a help-ticket query for me. I have not heard anything from that.
I sent a message via the help form this morning. I have still not received any acknowledgment that the message as been read by anyone.

So now i am trying this community forum. What should be my next step?
Looking at the forum complaints it seems card failure is a common problem with Wirex.

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