New card mastercard

Date card production…

yes, and does anyone know when the “premium” cards will go live?

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When is the update of the Wirex platform expected with the new card, new fees and rewards? Crowdfunding went very well and raised a lot of money, but did those who participated received anything or just a handshake?

Wirex was a forerunner for the debit card linked to a multi-currency and crypto account. But now it is not the only one and others offer many more services and opportunities (deposit plans, high levels of cashback, cards of all kinds and very advanced). We can say that Wirex has been overtaken by competitors at the moment. I have been a Wirex user since the first card and have always loved the simplicity and ease of the app, but now it needs an update to at least align with the offerings of competing companies.

The WXT token itself has never had any real benefit other than a small cashback and a small commission discount. No interest in the deposit, and no action to increase its value, indeed recently we are witnessing an unjustified collapse of the token (perhaps Wirex has sold many tokens to further finance itself?). Those who believed in Wirex and bought their token now find themselves with a reduced value and all possible benefits have been canceled out.

I hope news and updates will arrive soon

The crowdfunding has been over for a month, and there is no new news at all. Is this a scam? :+1:

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Wirex is a company that has been operating for years, I believe it is quite reliable and credible. It’s not a scam!

Honestly I was impressed when he crowdfunded, I did not expect a company that has been working for years, has increased its user base, needs to be further funded by users. While other competitors, without asking users for money, have developed more advanced platforms with more services.

Okay, he chose this way, but you have to offer updates to users in a short time, do not keep them waiting without press releases or updates on the status.

The Wirex app is really too simple to compete now, for years it hasn’t added support for new coins, the token has been practically static with no action to make it move or make it usable by users.

Why this slowness and sleepiness in updating the platform? The money is there, the users too, what are they waiting for?

A suggestion: Since the shipment of the new cards will certainly slow down due to the many requests and the pandemic in progress, why not offer a virtual card in the meantime to allow users to use the card while they wait for the arrival of the physical one?


In addition to waiting without updates, some users have asked some important questions, left unanswered.

Does the new mastercard replace the visa card?
What happens with the fee of 1,5 € we have to pay for the previous card?

It would be nice to have this simple information too, thanks.

Are the people who invested in the crowdfund prioritize in receiving the new card? There are no info what investors are eligible of or when they will receive more news about anything…
The majority of people supports Wirex and really hope to see this company success but you got to keep your updates other than just asking us to buy your token and not promising what we are waiting for… please give us good news and gain our trust in the community. Wirex ask people to promote the card, I would love to but not when I’m unsure of what I’m promoting without promise. Please learn from Celsius network and be open about your company and what you are doing otherwise Wirex will lose major supporters.


Exactly. For example these days I wanted to invite some friends to Wirex. But how do I invite users when I don’t know which card they will receive and how long will the wait be? So I’m waiting for updates, leaving my friends waiting for news.

The situation is stalemate, both for old users and for those who would like to join now.



are there any news re new card? support said somewhere in Feb or Mar 2021 but is not clear if they start being shipped or we will physically have them in Europe, kinda urgent as changing address.


Yes like it say market killer but at this point of customer experience And information is killed by market. It was killed because it hadn’t license in Europe to issue electronic money and loose al client that don’t receive support. In community forum there are 2 support and on web 2 support. Read in internet about Wirex in every part of internet all say it is scam.