New storage fees but cannot withdraw

I was notified that I will be charged a storage fee, but I cannot withdraw my crypto and your customer support does not fix it and has not after asking them many times for over 6 months.


Hello Sir :relaxed:
Are you done creating a ticket? If not you can create a request here.

Thank you and sorry for the delay :love_letter:

@Finn We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

No one has even tried to resolve this. You are deducting money from my account for storage fees which is not right.

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@Finn, we are sorry this is taking so much time for you. We’ve passed this to the relevant team again. You will be updated once it is possible. Best regards!

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I cannot even login to file a support ticket now on my laptop. How can I file a support ticket?

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@Finn, you can always submit a support request here: Regards!

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Here :blush::blush:

I am not even able to login now on the app or on the web to file a ticket.

Hello @Finn, to submit a ticket you do not need to log in to your Wirex account.

Does not work for me ClickUp

@Finn, could you please clarify the issue in more detail?

Did you see the screencast I made? I sent it above. I cannot click on any of the buttons. I tried several browsers.

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Hello @Finn, we’ve tested different devices with different browsers and even phones from our side. Everything works as expected. So, it is a local issue. Could you try using your phone for this? Best regards!

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