New tokens dropping soon

Nice my sound effect))) @Ali_Wirex @wirexuser01
My tech version is better of Your instagrammer version without sound.

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Hi @Oleg_Levchuk :wave:

Yeah that’s great! Besides, one of the dropping soon tokens is surely dogecoin, I have already seen it appear here:


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Hahahaha you had a bug

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I’m really hoping it’ll be #dash or #eos

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Do you use all in your Wirex card accounts to invest?
Is it worth it?
I don’t know each other, so I ask?

Positive greetings :four_leaf_clover::wave:

Who knows … maybe you could make links from price charts for our … MKR, LINK, WAVES, NANO, XRP, XLM, DAI, LCT, ETH and BTC.


If saver don’t move than price grow up.
Why it is the first time that I heard about MKR at 5k!?!?!

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When are we going to be able to trade this new tokens in app?

My app doesn’t show any of the new token.

In app…

Accounts > Account Management > Add Account

Nah, it doesn’t have the option for the new Tokens. Only the old ones.

Ahh…it might be a regional restriction for now?.. :thinking:

I notice your screenshot has WAVES & WOLLO…but I can’t add those coins…

Yeah, probably.

I am in the UK and Wirex have a several restrictions here.

Let’s hope they sort themselves soon.


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Thanks, Oleg