New users and Bitcoin


A friend of mine recently signed up with Wirex to buy some Bitcoin, and I attempted to talk her through the process over an online chat.

It appears that the only crypto available when she first loaded the app was WXT, and that BTC was not on the list of available cryptos until she added it. She had therefore bought WXT by mistake, and was disappointed with its performance, when she saw BTC was rising.

I understand you would like new users to use WXT, but I think it’s important that if we would like crypto to succeed then we should be as honest as possible, else mass adoption will be harder.

Could we therefore have BTC as the primary crypto available to new users? This will I think lead to Wirex being more widely adopted.

I opened my Wirex a while back now, and I think BTC was the first crypto available to me back then (as WXT had not been launched) and think you should return to having BTC at least alongside WXT as the first option new users see.