New X-Tras reward program

With the new reward program X-Tras, is there a reason to hold 500k wxt like it used to be? If the plans are being paid by a yearly fee?

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Yes hold for 10x))))

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I don’t see any benefit tbh.

It was nice to earn satoshis (e-gold how cool is that?) and now you earn “points”…

I think you can still transfer them. They give us a bonus to in WRX, but there’s nothing to stop us turning that into BTC, ETH, LTC or anything else.
I’d like to see TRX added :+1:

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I’m asking Wirex now whats the point to have 500k wxt like before, rather than we sell them all and just pay for the plans yearly.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

Please be informed that you can find more information about Wirex Rewards on the following link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account

Best Regards!

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Under the Contis scheme owning WXT entitled me to crypto purchase fee reduction, will this continue under the MasterCard rules and at the same ratio of 50% for 100,000 WXT & 100% for 500,000 WXT?


Depending on the WXT amount you buy, you will receive discounts on fees from the 13th of June 2019. Users will also get enhanced rewards, including Cryptoback™ from September 2019.

Amount of WXT bought Discount Enhanced Cryptoback™
500 000 WXT 100% 1.50%
100 000 WXT 50% 1.00%
50 000 WXT 25% 0.75%

Are you sure 10X there are better platform and much better support than wirex . Those are the platform which is 10x to 100x
Value of wxt is decreasing because of unsatisfied customers and poor customer satisfaction.

1 000 000 X, my friend

Just kidding. All statements of X’ing are wild speculations.

But… I would say the new reward program improves the tokenomics of WXT which can drive up the price to some degree. 1) Now there’s a reason to hold more than 500k because the more WXT you have then the more intress you earn. 2) There will be more trading volume for the token as Wirex pays out the rewards using it (both intress and cryptoback) and users need WXT to pay the monthly fee. (Increased trading volume usually means increased price.)

Before you just needed up to 500K WXT to sit in your account and you never had to touch a WXT again because rewards were payed out in Bitcoin.

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Hi @zooligan_dw,

You can check all the information about X-tras via the next link:

The old rules will be active for one month only. You can check it here:


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How am i on Elite Plan and my cashback is not 2% as may be seen on the screenshot?

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Hello @tastymfbg, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Please be informed that the Max Cryptoback™ per transaction is 2 000 WXT. You can find this information on the following link: X-tras Fees and limits

Best Regards!


Ohhh, the TCs, that only 0,01% of people actually read. Ok, thanks for answering me. Its not a problem, i will learn from that and next time i will just cut my transactions into pieces :slight_smile: If im promised 2%, i will get my 2% after all, so no worries! Thanks again!


Limit of wxt per day is 2k and for month 8k. Not repaying at this price for wxt. Crypto back must be unlimited or limited to card limit per day and WXT would to the moon!! @moderators

Actually you never had 2% of what you spend after you reach 8k of wxt on spend that actually is 1320 euro.
So if you pass limit of 1320 euro you loose interest… @tastymfbg max transaction is 300 euro and max you can do is 4 transaction with 300 euro and you finished your interest @wirexuser01

If price of wxt drop us limit change so:

AND IF YOU CONSIDERING THAT WE COULD SPEND ONLY 10.000 in uk and 20.000 in eu AT MONTH WITH THE IDEAL LIMIT OF WXT PRICE FOR WHO SPEND 10K AT MONTH IS 0.025 AND ACTUALY WE HAD 0.003. From 20.000 that we could spend only 1320 had interest other without interest.
[Multicurrency card fees and rates


Oh, its not a problem since i can regularly exchange my wxt to fiat

I wonder where the cashback go? Any ideas? Im on Elite plan.

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Next two transactions didnt get any cashback at all, and they were offline on POS. Im pretty sure, i didnt get the max 8k wxt cashback for a month, so that couldnt be the problem. What could it be? anyone?

Hi @tastymfbg! Please provide your ticket number so that we could check it with our Support team.

Kind regards!

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its #601025 thanks!