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What do you mean by the email that the team has sent? ? ? Shouldn’t you. I have been waiting for a month. . . . still how long to wait? My wirexcard has assets. . . Should you give me interest? ? ? If I keep locking up your assets, I won’t pay you interest. How would you deal with it. What will everyone do? ? ? ? Are you the customer service should solve the problem for the customer instead of procrastinating the problem again and again. This is not the solution for you, is it? Unavailable for one month. What do you do when you open a wirexcard? ? Please don’t delay any longer and handle the problem immediately to serve the guests truly. Because every time you lock a customer, it takes more than a month, and you have only delayed the period and only made customers feel disappointed in your wirex. Do you want to make your customers wait? Do you feel the same???

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