NO BONUS invite FRIEND on Febrary

as of today, April 20, I have not been credited with the February friend referral bonus! at least 2 friends have registered, 1 has also deposited, traded etc. so at least 4 bonuses I should have credited, even friends have NOT received anything yet! YOU ARE NOT KEEPING PROMISES!


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now is 26 April… UP UP UP

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@Mao Please let me assure you that the issue has not been forgotten and the relevant team is currently working on it.

ok thanks

Support team do their best to solved all of you.

I am in the similar situation. Have not received any Feb sign up bonus.

Hi there,

I deposited some XLM a month ago now I can not withdraw them. The steller network is not available.

Will I be able withdraw XLM in the near future?

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hi there did you try to exchange you XLM to another currency?

@Jimwh The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible. As for the XLM transfers, unfortunately, they are temporarily unavailable.

Kind regards!

Im having the same issue but i referread probably 10 peope or more. After reading the terms and coditions i see that only the first t count tword the February referral bonus but i still havnt recieved the proper rewards for them either. Its been well iver 30 bussiness days even though it says k. Terms and conditions that they would be paid out instantly but also says they would be paid out within 30 days and i was promised on 2 diffrent occasions through the chat on the app that i would definitely get it before the 30 days were up. Im expecting barw minimum 50$ usd worth of rewards becsuse i know my referrals at lesst each did 1 step for me to recieve 10 a piece but that aside, today i recoeved 5 dollsrs for a referral reward witch i dont even know how to take it because there wasnt a option in the February referral promotion that offerd 5dollars so im curious as to what thats about. Like i really hope you guys arnt trying to give me 5 and say thats all i get because i have no problem takening this to the BBB. Ive screenshoted all the t&cs for the promotion as proofe offer as well as any previous contact between myself and chat. Like i hate being a karen but yall not only didnt keep any of your promises in the promotion but even went as far as to lie to me directly just to get me out of the chat and move on to the next customer or go on break or why ever i was lieed to twice in chat. I will be leaving a proper review on google play store as well as trust pilot and any other form of reviewing platform to warn any possible future users that this is in fact a scam app just out to steal your information because as for right now to me and many others apparently that seems to be the case. Ill consider removing any negative reviews and replacing with positive ones shoufl this be solved in a timely manner but should this still be a issue by the end of the day i will be making mu report to the better business bureau to get the ball rolling on legel matters.

Hi @Dingo, we are truly sorry for the delay in promotion payments, it was caused by a large number of participants. Rest assured, we are working on this issue.

really no answer? no update? if you sent the bonuses as promised at the beginning of April, now I would also have earned something with the WXT value that has increased, instead I have NOT received anything yet, I have NOT been able to see the bonuses or use them for anything else and we are at May 2nd and we are still in wait…
get staff, you really need them or you will lose customers! you can’t give such late support and fail to keep promises.

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hello, since January I refer friends, I never received anything

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@Mao We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

thanks, I replied to the email, I am waiting

I have the same issue. I didn’t get the rewards for the February bonus for my referrals and also not for the March promotion. My refs also didn’t get their rewards for signing up.

I get a lot of angry messages from them that I lured them into a scam project. I tried to convince them that it will be alright but we are waiting for so long now.

Please let me know if there is an update about this matter.



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Hi @xqlusive83, we are really sorry for the inconveniences caused. Our team is still working on the promotion payments.

Okay, thanks for your message. I understand that sometimes things don’t go like it’s supposed to go but it would be nice if you keep us updated about this matter. I hope you will resolve this issue soon.