No halloween rewards claimed

It seems I did not get the reward from the buy $100 cryptos get $10 WXT promotion during the last halloween, anyone can explain to me?
Or perhaps only USD transaction was eligiable? I did use HKD to trade USD $100 worth BTC.

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Rewards are distributed 30 working days sir.

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The terms said the reward should be distributed within 30days and the promo ended on 31/10.
So it should not have much time left, hmmmmm :thinking:

Hi @Fricher112! Please, note that any reward is paid within 30 business days, which are only from Monday till Friday.

Kind regards!

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Thanks, I have received it~

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Hi @Fricher112 :wave:
Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

I now close this topic. For all other requests, do not hesitate to write to us again. :+1:

Thank you!