No support can’t get my money

So he’s I am with my Wirex card and it says in I’m the list of supported countries but I can’t link any account to it at all I don’t even think my card registered bc it keeps saying activate it by link in g a currency. I have lightcoin. And I have my own money in this app how do I access it bc I can’t send crypto and I can’t use my card. I feel like I was $c@med and . Witch is actually a pretty sound thinking and you guys just offer ppl things and don’t follow through. If I can’t get this resolved, it’s been over 2 months. I’m contacting fairshake and h Sergeant general and the BBB. I will no longer be waiting to use the money I deposit

@eg_smith We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.